Sunday, June 13, 2010

I-P(R)OD to Action...

Wow.  That's pretty lame, right?    What do you suggest?
How are you?  Well, I hope.

The other day I visited Binkies and Band-aids, Life With Irish Triplets and her subject was songs that defined certain points in her life.  I thought this was a great subject and since it was a Mama Kat workshop subject, I thought I might even participate but it didn't happen.  What songs define your life(ves)?

What did happen as a result of visiting B&B is that I spent today playing with my I-pod.  Don't laugh, but I've never had one before.  I got it for Christmas and am just now getting around to loading anything onto it.  This was such a rewarding and fun experience that, in a totally unrelated but typical thought process, I decided that I am probably now equipped to answer any comment/question with a song quote.  So go ahead.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Oh my.  Did you link to that?  I thought  all those 80's skits were exaggerated.  I stand corrected.  Was I that stoned

Moving on.

The first twenty songs I loaded onto the I-Pod were Sixties-ish dance favorites.  You know:  The Limbo song, Louie Louie, Do You Love Me, etc.  By far, the family favorite is "Lime in the Coconut".  I've posted the Midnight Margaritas scene from Practical Magic on The Chicken Crossing the Road (to the right and scroll down) in case you'd like a fix.  It's a great kitchen dancing song, which is the only kind of dancing I do these days.  Unless you count driving and dancing.  Don't pretend you don't know what I mean.

Now I'm onto the task of loading all of our CDs, which is time consuming.  Holy cow, we have a lot of CDs.

The real reason I've called you all here tonight is that Pearl Annabelle Lafleur has been "active" lately.  You may recall that a few months ago I gave her her own page.  And then didn't do anything with it.  Now she is on my last nerve.  Sorry Pearl, just calling a spade a spade.  You are a pain in the ass.  Bless your heart.

Anyway, Pearl wants to write an advice column.  Her specialty, she says, is advice to the lovelorn, but since she's got an opinion on everything she'll respond to all questions.  If you need any advice, feel free to post it here or email Pearl, care of me, Chicken, at if you prefer to remain anonymous.  Tell your friends.  Please.  Pearl needs an outlet (besides me).

We'll see what happens. 

It's the Midnight Hour and You're So Far Away From Me .  I'm going to bed. Sleep tight, World. 

No bed bugs.

Chicken out.