Friday, March 5, 2010

Chicken Takes a Personal Day...

Hey World,

I took a personal day today just to reflect on my life and enjoy the moments, catch up with my peeps, finish the laundry and clean the house. It also means I can have wine in the middle of the day if I so choose.  It's 2PM now. Let's see where I am.  Introducing my Bridget Jones-inspired Diary.

2:  number of times I woke up this morning
1. number of times I went back to sleep (for those of you not so good at math)
10. number of times I've reflected on my life thus far (it is all good)
9. number of moments I've fully immersed myself in (soon to be 10:-)
12. number of peeps I've caught up with
2. number of phone calls to my husband (those were a bonus)
1.5 number of glasses of wine at lunch (the day is not over)
.5  number of loads of laundry I've completed
0 housework I've completed
ciggies:  I don't want to talk about it. I'm quitting soon.  I swear.

Before I forget, this is one fun website:

And now, let's talk about this guy:

Why are we talking about this guy?

Because I totally love him and it's my blog.  Feel free to send me your own photos of random people you love.

Facts about this guy that I made up:

He has a blog.  It is

He not only plays the flute, he also plays a sweet harmonica

In 1976 he won a Jerry Garcia look alike contest

He took four years of dance lessons at Arthur Murray studios (notice the fine pointed toe on his right foot)

He left a high-paying job as an astrophysicist

To become a psychiatrist

And I'm pretty sure his granny made his outfit. And that he cuts his own hair.  I love him.

Okay, that was fun.

Here are some photos from the website indicated above that I am illegally downloading just for you.  Just the sort of peep I am.  Please don't tell.  I don't want to go to jail.  But if you do tell, please also let it be known that I listed the website and also gave credit and that you would not even know about the website had I not mentioned it because I am a good peep.  And too cute for jail. And way too picky about food to survive in jail.  Be sure to mention that also.

Here we go, it is a round trip ticket to funnyville for you:

Here's a guy that probably doesn't date a lot but probably is a fantastic date

The website said this is a girl but I am thinking adam's apple=not a girl.  I could be wrong.  At any rate, again guessing that we are not looking at a person who dates a lot but who is hopefully paired with a like-minded individual

Here's my new ride.  Sweet, right?  In the winter I cover the top with a gigantic nylon-clad foot.  In my imagination.

Here is PanasSumoWrestler's ride.  It's handy for attracting the (drunk) ladies


I'm not sure who this guy is. He's not from the same website.  But I was thinking of switching my profile picture.  What do you think?

This guy eats live snakes and seems to enjoy it.  I'd rather date the pierced guy/girl

This is me with my handler.  He only puts me on the leash when we are playing the "game".

Annnnnddddd now I am completely out of control so this may be a good time to stop.

World, don't forget to check out Pearl's page.  It is all her's and she has a lot to say.

Why can't I get the left alignment to work? 

So I say goodbye from the center, World.

This is Chicken signing off.

Take care.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pearl's Got Her Own Page, Damn Straight

Hey Y'all,

Look what Chicken got me for my birthday!  My own damn page.  No more talkin' through the Chicken, uh uh, from now on we'll be talking direct.  It's gonna be fun.  Maybe I'll even tell you some old stories what my Granny Lafleur told me back when she was livin'. 

Hallelujah it feels good to have a voice a my own. 

If you don't know ol' Pearl, it must be because you missed Chicken's post:

Pearl is introduced

And the follow up:

In which Chicken starts talking to herself

On my page I'll be giving you some useful insight what you might use in your job or personal life, posting some "Pearls of Wisdom", and who knows what else Pearl might do.

You can write me, too.  Might have to do it through Chicken's page; I'm not sure 'til I get me a young stud-muffin intern to tell me what's what with all this computery stuff, but you have a line to Pearl, Hon, so let me know what's on your mind and how I can help.  Pearl's here for you, Baby.  Talk to me.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Great Equalizer

Hi World.

I was in the grocery store tonight and the Enquirer caught my eye.  On its cover were several unflattering photographs of female "superstars" in their bathing suits with the caption, "Worst Bodies". 


At first I thought, "that's pretty awful, taking a picture of someone in their bathing suit without their permission and publishing it for all the world to see." 

Isn't it?

But then I thought about all the magazines that feature some of the same celebrities, not to mention numerous beautiful models, all airbrushed and looking like the unattainable version (for many of us anyway) of what is marketed as "normal".

And I thought maybe the Enquirer is doing us normal women a great service in featuring the true "normal".  Maybe the Enquirer is the great Equalizer.

Except for the fact that I have yet to see a version of the worst male bodies.  I guess everyone just accepts that men's bodies change as they get older.  Unlike their minds.

Okay, I know that was snarky.  Sorry, men.  Just kidding.  And a little bitter. 

Bitter enough to drive the point home.

Ah youth, pass the bottle (Hemingway?)

Goodnight youngsters,

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chicken Comments on the Closing Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics

Hi World:

Did anyone else forget their pre-Olympics closing ceremonies LSD hit tonight?

Because.  Wow!

Dancing Mounties, a live hockey puck, Canadian hockey players, Michael Buble, ladies in maple leafs.....and that even all kinda makes sense.  Except in the Chicken household there is a question as to whether the Mounties were actually Mounties or paid Mountie impersonators.  B says that no way were they real mounties because real mounties would not be caught dead dancing around on ice.  Because mounties are real men.  Chicken thinks they were bad enough dancers that they probably had day jobs.  Possibly as mounties. 

But then add in people in canoes, huge helium beavers, and huge other helium animal-type characters with wings and fish lips.  What were those?

On the positive side. Neil Young was a classy, nostalgic start to the show.  The song title strikes a chord much as an Irish blessing might.  "Long may you run, Long may you run, Although these changes have come, with your chrome heart shining in the sun, long may you run...."

It was very nice even if the song is about a car. 

And Michael J. Fox.  Who doesn't love him?  Long may he run.

If anyone knows what the flyingfish lip balloons were supposed to be please fill me in.

Good night,