Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hey, It is me, Chicken...but now I'm a Princess!

Hey World,

Funny thing happened on the way to the QVC website:

I met a Queen and she dazzled me with her gems, cracked me up, gave me a slap on the side of the head, and made me a princess.  Just like that.

I'm royalty.  Yeah.  I know.  Heady, isn't it?

So, for my tiara, which I've been told I should commission immediately, I've decided on something green and indicative of my background. 

My tiara will be made of twigs foraged from the woods behind my childhood home, as well as shells and sea glass from the rocky beaches of Maine.  It smells like pine.  Nice, right?

Anyway, to read all about it, you can go here:  The Queen of WTF

Also, I got this special badge.  I'm not wearing my tiara yet, and I usually wear a lot more fleece than this, but still, can you see the resemblance?

Just kidding.

There. That's better. 

Jumping out of a cake near you soon

Chicken out