Sunday, July 3, 2011

Super Heros 2011

Hello Chicksters,

I was on someone's blog recently and the post concerned superheros.  This close to July 4, it got me to thinking...who will we look back upon in 100 years on July 4 and remember as a superhero.

Because it is odd, but we never really seem to recognize the true superheros until they are gone from this earth. 

Abraham Lincoln, Ben Franklin, and the guy who invented lightbulbs....

We all pretty much would agree, I think, that they were pretty futuristic.  Pretty super heroistic?

And that Henry the 8th sucked.

But what about now.  Right here.  Who are the people out there doing things that we will look back on (well, not you and me, but our kids and grandkids, maybe) and say, "Wow.  They were so ahead of their time".

Because, really, that is all a superhero is, if you don't count the nonhuman strength and agility.  A superhero is a person who is ahead of their time; a person who knows what the world will need in 20 years, 50 years....a steward of not just the human race, but of the planet. 

In my mind, the world, our world, is going to need a little kindness, a little nurturing.  A little less raping of resources and a little more sacrifice.  Who are the people that will lead that charge?

I'm not a political girl.  I don't keep up with who is doing what out there, but I know some of you do, so who are they?

It could even be that there is a little superhero in all of us.  There should be.  Most of us have kids or nieces or nephews or hope to. 

This independence day, I'm thinking can I use less?  Can I recycle more?

And I'm feeling guilty because although I grew up learning how to grow things, how to preseve things, and how to be respectful of the earth, I've kind of forgotten a little bit in my last 30 years or so of urban living.  Would I know a wild blueberry if I saw one?  Or would I think it was poisonous? 

I'm also thinking about that old biblical prophecy..."blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth".  It makes me think of farmers, especially.  I think the farmers are key. And I'm not talking about ConAgra.

So, until you people tell me different, my superheros right now are the local farmers. C'mon. Buy an heirloom tomato, for God's sake.  For our sake.

And seriously...educate me.  Who should I be following out there?  Who do you admire?