Sunday, April 24, 2011

Don't try this at home, Kids...

Hi World,

Littleb became very attached to his bicycle helmet and wanted to wear it to school.

Because we are sensitive new age parents who never stifle our child's sense of self and creative expression regardless of how maladjusted it makes our entire family look, we let him. 

He is going through a super hero stage and we surmised that the helmet had something to do with making him super-hero-invincible.

We surmised this because he spent the morning before leaving for school hitting himself over the head with various objects and declaring, "Nope-that didn't hurt!".  Apparently this behavior continued at school throughout the rest of the morning.  I'm sure his teacher thought it was adorable.

Then another of the class super heros threw a block at him convinced that it wouldn't hurt him because he was, you know, invincible.  I think this other kid's super power must have been strength.  I know it wasn't aim because the block missed the helmet, hit littleb in the face and gave him a black eye.

Just in time for picture day.

He didn't cry.  Super heros don't cry.  Especially the invincible ones.

Our little black-eyed Pea-wee

I almost did, though.  I am not a super hero.  Just a wimpy mom.

Happy Easter,

Chicken out