Monday, July 22, 2013

Hi World,

A few weeks before my daughter gave birth she asked me what I wanted to be called.

Did I want to be called Nana?  Grandma? Grammie? MeeMaw?

"What kind of baby are you having?", I asked.

"What do you mean?" S asked.  "Like, am I having a chicken baby or an asparagus baby or a medium rare baby?"

"S", I said, "You are overthinking the question....are you having a girl or boy?"

"Chicken, stop dramatizing for your blog. You know I'm having a girl. You planned the very pink shower with all the creepy baby dolls."

"Look, S, don't take your pregnancy hormones out on me.  I guess she can call me 'Pony'."

"Pony?  Really?  That's what you're going with?"

"Girls love ponies."

"Oh....ok, true, Chicken, I get it.  What if she had been a boy?"


"I'm so glad.  I thought you might go in a different direction."

Ah S.You know me too well.

World, meet McKenna.  Let's call her Apple,

Missed you, World.

Grammie Chicken Out