Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chicken and TWLITB or Texting as a Method Guaranteed to Annoy Your Teenager (part II)

Hiya World:

I was at work and decided to check in with Teenager Who Lives in the Basement (TWLITB). 

I thought a nice text would be the best way to show my love.

Chicken:  Hi TWLTIB, What's Up?

TWLITB:  Hey Chicken

TWLITB:  Did u notice I brushed my teeth last night lol

Chicken:  Ha.  I did notice.  Congrats.

TWLITB:  lol my teeth are starting to hurt so now I'm brushing my teeth

Chicken:  Great.  Good news.  Need to go to the dentist?

TWLITB:  Y do I need to go to the dentist?

Chicken:  No special reason besides YOUR TEETH HURT??

TWLITB:  Its fine.  Its only 1 tooth

Chicken:  Oh, well, if it is only one tooth let's just let it continue to decay into a deep dark cave of halitosis and someday, when you sleep with your mouth open, the flies attracted by the smell will be able to go spelunking in your cavity.  Your mouth will be, like, a fly tourist attraction.  Cool.

TWLITB:  lol. Chicken, I went to the dentist like a week ago and nuthin was wrong...

Chicken:  Yeah, a week ago in June, but hey, they are your teeth. I'm just trying to make sure you can still eat steak when you are 30. And not embarrass me at family reunions.

TWLITB:  lol

Chicken:  And eat corn on the cob.  And apples.  Apple?  Hey Apple......hey...Apple....hey apple....Apple...hey.

TWLITB:  UR so gay

Chicken:  Silly is a better word choice, Apple...

Chicken:  Apple??? Hey. Apple?

Chicken:  I'm blogging about this, TWLITB.  It does not reflect well on your oral hygiene habits

TWLITB:  UR so SILLY!!!  happy?

Chicken: I love you Apple. I love you more than...pears.

TWLITB:  lol

Suffice it to say, oral hygiene has been a hot topic in our house for many a year.  I'm waiting for the first girlfriend to let him in on the the secret survey stating that 10 out of 10 girls find a nice smile appealing.  Get it?  APP(le)? Peeling?  Oh, never mind.  I'm so gay.  I mean silly.  Here's the link to Annoying Orange Annoys Apple if you are new here and wondering what the heck we are talking about.

Chicken out


  1. I think YOU are awesome:-)

  2. Annoying orange pulls down over 6 figures a year from his YouTube site. Silly kids. Great post.


  3. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssaaaaaaaaaaabiiiiiiiiii, Chicken :-)

  4. I couldnt read this post past the teeth talk. I hate the dentist that much.

    Can someone email me to tell me if the post was side splittingly hilarious as usual? or chicken can you email me a version with all references to teeth and dentists changed to unicorns and toffee apples....

  5. CB: He's a RICH annoying orange!
    Minions: Waaaassaaaaaaabiiiiiii!
    QIMP: Well, TWLITB's unicorns are seriously malnourished and in danger of becoming decaying, stinking little corpses if he does not go visit the toffee apple. Does that really sound more palatable????

  6. I cant hear you...I'm sitting in a corner rocking...with my hands over my ears....

  7. As rare as a hen's tooth, they say.
    Come to think of it, apples don't have teeth, either.
    oh...never mind...

  8. I lurv it!!!

    My mom sent me a text the other day...then she shocked me and sent a picture text a few hours later. I replied back and told her how cool I thought it was that my mom was not only texting me but sending me picture texts. She lol'd and called me a silly girl.

    I'm 31 and I don't live in her basement just to clarify lmao

  9. My kids go to the dentist every 6 months. Now that my oldest girl is out of the house, I am begging and pleading with her to keep it up. I did not at her age, and many implants later I wish I had.

    And yes, I mean tooth implants. They're the only implants I have...sadly.

  10. I am a nut about dental appointments for my kids.

    You can text me any time.

  11. hey, apple, hey apple, is it sad that I knew what you were talking about right away???

    adorable, sweet texts...adorable.

  12. I congratulate you on the fact that you have communication with your child. Maybe i should get an XBox and my boys will let me join one of their "parties" 'cause it's the only way we'll ever have the kinds of pleasant exchanges you have with your son!
    I could text, but that would require I get them a cell phone, and ummm...nope. First they need a job to pay for said cell phone.

  13. Such an awesome relationship!! Big kudos.

  14. So I didn't go to the dentist for about 3 years (long story) and I had to have a cap, so I took EMily with me just to show her what could happen! That was yesterday. I also cracked that same tooth off by clenching my jaw. Ouch!

  15. I love it! I've been working hard on annoying my teenage son these days... it makes him laugh, though. Something about being secure in mom's love and all that crap.

    Now my teenage daughter? It's a mutual she moves, I'm annoyed, I move, she's annoyed relationship these days. God help me... lol


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