Friday, August 13, 2010

Random Chicken Thoughts

Hi World,


You know how sometimes you get that little blogger tingle?  When you know you have a great post idea and everyone is going to love it?  It is practically already written in your head, you just need to get it down on paper (so to speak)?

This is not one of those posts.

This is a thumb-twiddling post brought about by a day when all my co-workers happen to be on vacation.  This is a recording of every random thought I had today that I can remember.  But if you read through to the end there are pictures of our vacation.  No Cheating!

1.  7:00AM:  If littleb sleeps 10 more minutes I can read five more therefore....sleeping toddler X 10 min=5 pages=10/5=2. Two what?  That makes no frickin sense, Chicken....

2.  7:10AM:  Trader Joe French Roast is much cheaper than Starbucks French Roast but tastes like....Roast Kill....hahahaha.  (Better stick to Trader Joe Iced Tea which is excellent)

3.  8:00AM:  I don't have to bring littleb to daycare today because BigB is doing it, can I get an Amen!

4.  8:40AM:  If I spend the first hour of work reading articles which are all related to my industry, does that still make me a slacker?

5.  8:41AM:  Magic 8 Ball says.....Definitely not.

6.  8:42AM:  Is this my lucky day since Magic 8 Ball agrees with me?  For once?

7.  8:45AM:  Should buy lottery ticket.

8.  8:46AM:  Chicken, you think every day is your lucky day.  Get a life. 

9.  10:45AM:  Five consecutive articles claim that creative people will rule the 21rst century.

10.  10:46AM:  Hey!  I'm creative! 

11.  10:47AM:  Or am I overly attracted to articles that mention the word "creative"?

12.  10:48AM:  I should get some work done!

13.  11:50AM:  How come X, who says he can't remember what was just said to him and makes me write it down is considered saavy, brilliant, and "on the mark", and I, who share that very same quality , am considered flaky. hmmm.

14.  11:51AM:  Oh yeah, X is busy thinking about IPOs, SaaSs and a bunch of other acronyms.  I consult the Magic 8 Ball and can't remember what all the acronyms stand for. 

15.  12:00PM:  Afternoon Delight.  Peanut butter.  Yay.

16.  12:10 PM:  I like herbs.  I wonder if I was a witch in a past life?

17.  12:11PM:  Nah. If that was it, I'd be paranoid about fire.

18.  12:30PM:  I wish there was someone here to talk to. 

19.  12:32PM:  Hey, I should take one of those classes on influential speaking. Must research.

20.  1:20PM:  GG is trapped in a dungeon with old books and a bunch of spiders and she THINKS they are friendly.

21.  1:21PM:  Must. Save. GG.  Spiders are bad.

22.  1:23PM:  GG.  Walk towards the light.....Do Not Trust Those Spiders!!!

23.  2:00PM:  I've seen elastic band balls before but how do you start one?

24.  2:01PM:  Oh, look.  I have all these elastic bands.

25.  2:10PM:  Starting an elastic band ball is really much harder than you would think.

26..  2:13PM:  I'm going to make the best, the biggest, most colorful elastic band ball ever!!!!

27.  2:15PM:  Must email all my friends and let them know.

28.  2:30PM:  What?  You people think I am joking????

29.  2:34PM:  I love spreadsheets. 

30.  4:00PM:  So....I didn't have to drop littleb off today and that means....I have to pick him up.  Yikes.  I gotta get out of here. 

31.  5:00PM:  Must go to grocery.  What?  Free doughnuts?  littleb it is our lucky day!!! Must buy lottery ticket!!!

32.  5:10PM:  Is watermelon a vegetable or a fruit?

33.  6:00PM:  Watermelon for dinner.  Yay!

34. 8:40 PM:  Teenager who lives in the basement, I love you, but why come you are cleaning dishes now when I am trying to get littleb to sleep????

35.  9:00PM:  Buses at night, when they are all lit up, look like time travel machines. 

36:  9:30PM:  S, I love you, but do I have to look at all your vacation pictures right now? 

37.  9:40PM:  Ok, S, I love your vacation pictures....they are awesome....I'm going to look at them while I have wine.

38:  10:00PM:  Where did the day go?

38.  11:00PM:  Whatever happened to those little troll dolls with the hair that stood straight up.  They were cute. 

39:  11:10PM:  Must blog

40:  1:30AM:  Can't leave just 39 thoughts.  Must have even number. 

41:  Scientists say that odd numbers are more attractive.  Hmmm.  Would you like to see some vacation pictures?
Small Town Girls 1981-I managed to control my chardonnay intake, thus the absence of eyeshadow and prom dresses  (that took place later)

This is littleb with my old friend Lucy.

Here are some cousins having fun (Teenager WLITB is there on the left)

Here is littleB at BigB's family reunion

More Cousins!

We did some frog hunting....

Trolled a water park...

There was a fair amount of laughter with good old friends...

Random thought number 42.  GG don't kill me!!  GG.  How could I not publish the Chicken vacation highlight?  Friends for 30 years?  Finally some live footage? 

Here's me and my Dad, who prefers to remain mysterious

And here's the view in my hometown

Thanks for staying until the end.  You are a trooper!

Chicken out


  1. 1. Math is hard.

    2. Stick to Dunkin's what American Runs on...what are you a Communist?!?

    3. Yeay for spousal drop-off!

    4. No, that is not why you are a slacker

    5. Hooray for Magic 8 Balls

    6. Yes.

    7. It's Friday the 13th...go for it.

    8. Agreed. Get a life.

    9. My sources say people who sleep their way to the top and sell their soul to the devil tend to rule the world.

    10. Hey! I'm creative too!

    11. No, but you are overly attracted to 80s hair bands and Chardonay

    12. Why start now?

    13. Because he has a penis.

    14. Acronyms are a communist conspiracy.

    15. Afternoon Delight must mean something completely different in the Chicken dictionary. (Peanut butter? Yay? I'm not even going to comment further on this one...)

    16. I think you were a Native American in a past life.

    17. Exactly.

    18. I'm just a phone call away.

    19. Thank god for the internet.

    20. Poor GG

    21. Spiders are people too. Well no, not really.

    22. Agreed. GG, Walk towards the light.....Do Not Trust Those Spiders!!!

    23. I have! I have no idea.

    24. Step away from the elastic bands.

    25. You're really giving me more credit than I deserve since I've never actually given much thought to the difficulty of elastic band ball production.

    26.. You're special.

    27. Checking email...apparently the definition of "friend" has been redefined in the Chicken dictionary.

    28. Of course these people are not your real friends. I would not have thought you were joking. I would have Fed Ex'd a box of elastic bands...multi-colored ones too.

    29. I love powerpoint

    30. Hooray for leaving work on time!

    31. Hooray for free doughnuts! Plan to split lottery winnings with CB.

    32. Fruit

    33. Watermelon is delish with balsamic vinegar.

    34. I got nothing.

    35. Agreed. I often feel like I've traveled for decades on RIPTA.

    36: Yes.

    37. Share.

    38: It didn't go anywhere. Pay attention and these things won't happen so much. Flake.

    38. Rosanne (nee Barr) has them all.

    39: About damn time.

    40: If you say so.

    41: hmmmm does that mean my head is more attractive than my hands because one is an odd and two is an even?

    Vacation looked fun. Welcome back. I missed you.


  2. CB, that's the best comment ever. You crack me up. I'm going to work on my elastic band ball tonight, so stop by. It will be extra challenging combined with wine consumption. Maybe we could even take a RIPTA ride.

  3. Dee-have you been abducted again? Dee. Phone home. Dee...I got nothing. I just like saying Dee.

  4. Chicken!!! You are missed around these parts.

    And yeah! Whatever happened to troll dolls? I liked them.

    Your vacay pictures were great. Spend some more time around these parts.

    Now, I have to go, I have whiled away too much of my morning. Where DOES the time go?

  5. Did you get a model release from that chicken?

    I won't kill you for revealing my identity on the internets. I've got spiders to do my dirty work...Mwa ha ha ha ha ha....

  6. This is exactly why I come here. :)

  7. Gawd are you sure we arent related? My entire life sounds like your random thoughts.

  8. thease aint no random thought by the chickie. this is how she processes things in life. she be the master of thought provoking, mind bending matters that aflict us all. she's the answer to military code. She could really f&*$ all the covet spy networks anywhere. Just let her go and listen for the faint sounds of heads exploding in far away underground bunkers.

  9. QIMP-we are related. I'm pretty sure we were both not witches in our former lives, but something far more interesting...maybe daughters of Isis?

    Anonymous-oooh. I like you. Would you like to come for a ride on my yellow submarine? We will find the no-gooders and save the world. Or at least Capitalism. Magic 8 Ball says....It Could Happen!!!! Yes!

  10. Just found your blog and it's awesome--LOVE the title especially. It just makes me giggle for no reason at all.

  11. Sadako-thank-you. I feel the same. The title of my blog makes me giggle, too. And I love your blog. Thank you for reading.

  12. It's amazing that you were able to not only remember but record your every waking random thought! haha I'm still laughing. Of course I was going to stay till the end, I was afraid of what I might miss if I checked out early!

  13. Those random thoughts rock!!! Now I don't know how to start a rubber band ball, but my girls are experts at taking them apart!!

    Much to my dismay.


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