Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where Does the Weekend Go?

Hi World,

I personally believe the weekend gets sucked into a big black hole.  It much resembles a washing machine.

I don't have time for a full post today, but I did want to share a quick story about littleb's recent interest in cooking.  You may remember that littleb has a slight chocolate addiction.  Actually, that's like saying that Lindsay Lohan has a slight drug addiction. 

littleb will do anything if you pay him in chocolate; anything you ask-eat broccoli, take out the garbage, not talk for 3 minutes....But of all the chocolate treats in the world, his favorite, bar none, is fudge brownies.

On Thursday, when I last posted, I was sitting here at the computer, maybe focused a bit more on you, World, than littleb, if the truth be told, which is never a good idea.  I knew he was in the kitchen.  I could hear him in there talking to his two dogs, Sparky and Chunky, and his two cats, Francesca and Sweetie, and his hamster, Elephant.    His horse, Chuckles, must have been out delivering the mail.  What? You've never heard of Pony Express?  littleb has.

What I didn't realize, until I finally dragged my butt out to the kitchen to perform a visual check, was that the six of them (five imaginary pets and one littleb) had been quite busy.  littleb was making brownies, and his clueless friends were crowded around him, calling instructions.  The kitchen resembled a science project gone terribly wrong.

I asked littleb what his recipe was.

brownie mix
orange juice

Almost right, littleb.  Not a bad first try.  He hadn't gotten to the eggs yet, so we added those and baked it off.  This is what we got:

It wasn't bad on saltines.

BigB came home, saw the *brownies* , immediately intuited what had happened and asked with completely phony innocence, "Do some blogging today?"
Yeah.  Smartass.

The proud chef (and five invisible helpers)

We took another stab at cooking on Saturday, and this time I read the recipe.  Much better.  No offense imaginary friends:

littleb's secret ingredient?  The rainbow sprinkles!

And then today we made our usual chocolate chip pancakes, but instead of making Mickey Mouse pancakes we made Mickey Dog pancakes:

Why are we making Mickey Dog pancakes?

Because S. has a new dog and we all love him.  His name is Mickey.  Here he is:

Why yes, that is me dressed as Batman.  But I am not really batman.  I know.  The resemblence is striking.

Have a great rest of the weekend,

Chicken out


  1. That LittleB may well grow up to be a renowned chef.

    And I dont think I want to know what you're doing dressed in pleather as Batman...that sounds a bit private.

  2. Hi Mrs. P. You never know. I keep trying in hopes of getting someone to take it over. I'm dressed as batman because we noticed that Mickey has Batman ears. We were being artistic.

  3. ahah, I was just mentioning on FB that the weekend goes way too fast.

    You do make a hot looking batman.

  4. Why, thank you, Dazee

  5. I believe thisnis the first picture I have ever see of you! You make a lovely batman Chicken!

  6. Actually, orange goes well with chocolate, so I am surprised you didn't think it tasted marvelous. Was it a little soupy? Hard to tell. I'm impressed, nonetheless.

  7. thanks Noelle-I just wish I had a batmobile. Then I could really make a statement.

    Sparkling-it was a little soupy. littleb is good on ingredients, but not so good at measuring!

  8. I like that dog. And I like that mask.

    I let my girls, when they were small, experiment in the kitchen all the time. We dumped all kinds of strange combinations together. Sometimes it was delicious. Sometimes, not so much. But the thing was, we were creating.

    I love the sound of that chocolate combination smeared on Saltines. Sweet and salty--my favorite combination.

    Sometimes my imaginary friends are the only ones who don't annoy me.

  9. This sounds like our kind of kitchen.

    It's only a mess, so what? What counts are the memories.

    And you are quite the fox as batwoman!you

  10. I can't tell you how many times my imaginary friends have steered me wrong in the kitchen....

    Loved the sweet little boy moments (I miss them!) and the batman cap is

    Cute puppy too!

  11. Must. Consume. Baked. Goods. STAT!

  12. Could he get any Cuter?
    Love his recipe!

  13. Cute story. Cute kids. Cute dog. Cute blogger. How am I supposed to remain snarky in the face of this tsunami of cuteness? This is probably going to make me a better person. Yuck.

  14. Thanks all, and Betty-I know I will miss them, too. GG, you'll always be my favorite Snark with the golden harp. I mean heart. Excuse my insatiable need to rhyme everything.

  15. I've been waiting for the batwoman/bat dog pictures to make it on to this blog! Mickey's very happy to see he's finally getting some notoriety on the world wide web!

  16. Hi S. he deserves notoriety! He needs a fan page.


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