Sunday, April 24, 2011

Don't try this at home, Kids...

Hi World,

Littleb became very attached to his bicycle helmet and wanted to wear it to school.

Because we are sensitive new age parents who never stifle our child's sense of self and creative expression regardless of how maladjusted it makes our entire family look, we let him. 

He is going through a super hero stage and we surmised that the helmet had something to do with making him super-hero-invincible.

We surmised this because he spent the morning before leaving for school hitting himself over the head with various objects and declaring, "Nope-that didn't hurt!".  Apparently this behavior continued at school throughout the rest of the morning.  I'm sure his teacher thought it was adorable.

Then another of the class super heros threw a block at him convinced that it wouldn't hurt him because he was, you know, invincible.  I think this other kid's super power must have been strength.  I know it wasn't aim because the block missed the helmet, hit littleb in the face and gave him a black eye.

Just in time for picture day.

He didn't cry.  Super heros don't cry.  Especially the invincible ones.

Our little black-eyed Pea-wee

I almost did, though.  I am not a super hero.  Just a wimpy mom.

Happy Easter,

Chicken out


  1. You are a super mom, watch out though, because a cape would actually bring problems, as a kid we know tried to fly off from a tall flight of stairs and fell and had a fracture.

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  3. Well at least he rocks the black eye look...much better than Tina Turner...wait that was a tad inappropriate wasn't it?

  4. Thanks for the advice Munir. Yikes. He has a cape. I'll try to keep him off the roof!

    Kimberly-Tina has better legs, though:-)

  5. Awwww...Even Super Heros have off days. Guess it's time for a face mask.

  6. Hi BB-he hasn't seen face masks yet. Once he does, I'm sure he'll be sporting one daily. It will look great in the school pictures.

  7. I tend to walk into walls. Imma get me a helmet, too.

  8. Elly-don't forget your face mask!

  9. Gotta love them kids. This story reminds of one I read recently. The authors site is The article is

    You don't drink and swear, do you CHick?

  10. I think my super-power is beating the crap out of kids who throw stuff at LittleB.

    He still looks adorable.

  11. He threw a block at your kid's eye? What a bastard. I hope he got in trouble. On the plus side, your kid looks pretty proud of his scrape in that picture. What a stud.

  12. Awwwwwwwwww poor littleB. Let's hunt the block thrower down ....

  13. Hey, missed you tonight.

  14. Oh I've missed you chicken. Littleb needs to hook up with Wonder Women or a Wonder Twin for an additional power though he does pull off the black eye.

  15. Aw you guys, you make my heart happy.

    As for retribution, there will be none, for his super hero side kick delivered the blow totally convinced of his invincibility. How can you get mad at a sidekick with bad aim? Especially when he is four and adorable. But that said, Suniverse, your super power may come in handy at some future date!

    CB missed you too.

    Anonymous! Where have you been? No, I never drink or swear, Scout's fucking honor. You know me. Thanks for the referral, I enjoyed the post.

    CB-I hear I missed a great time. Again. Sigh.

    Poppy, so maybe one of your kids could step in? Is that what you had in mind? Cause I would be totally into that.

  16. Come now, I think the black eye gives him character and it shows that the helmet isn't what gave him his strength. His strength came from withing....that's better right?

  17. Hi Sandra, that's right. His strength came from within-his total delusion with super-herodom was a big help here!

  18. ohhhhh! superheroes stumble but they never fall. i'm sure littleb is still invicible. but it's tough being the mom of one.

  19. Well said, Punker, well said...

  20. Crap! I must not be as Super-heroish as I thought. Maybe I should add a helmet to my wonder woman underoos...cause sometimes I cry.

    I LOVE THIS! makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Rock on little man! Rock on!

  21. not gonna lie, that war wound is gonna get him lots of "awwwwwws"

  22. littleb is SO cute! Even with a black eye...

    Where you been lately? We all miss you!

  23. Pansy.

    (You, not him.)



    (Him, not you.

    (Okay, you too.)

    (Parenthesis are fun, no?)

    (I'll stop now.)

    - B x

  24. Oh my gosh! I love your kid!
    I am in a giggle fit.

    My husband has declared that littleb has a lot of potential.
    Keep up the good work little guy.

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  26. When I was a kid I would have looked in the mirror and thought..."COOL!" Thanks for commenting on my blog the other week! I love yours! \w/

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