Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Conversations with TWLITB: Why is Jennifer Aniston So Hot?

Hi World,

How are things?  How is your family?

Me?  I'm good, thanks.

The other day, Teenager-Who-Lives-In-The-Basement and I were grocery shopping.

Naturally, we picked the longest checkout line because that is just what we do.  It is a family tradition.  A magazine caught TWLITB's eye.

"Mom", he said, "How old is Jennifer Aniston?"

"Well", I said, "As it so happens, she is the same age as me."


"Yeah, she's my age."

"But Mom", said TWLITB, "How come she is so hot?"


"She's in movies and bikinis...she's your age???"

"Yeah, she is", I agree.


"I dunno, TWLITB.  Some people just are.  So you like Jennifer Aniston?"

"No,no, nothing like that, I'm just saying she's hot.  For her in bikinis and stuff.  How come?"

"TWLITB, if I knew......????"

"Oh, yeah, right.  Well, she's never had kids right?"

"Yeah, or maybe she's an alien"

"Right.  I never thought of that."

"Well, that's why I'm here for you, TWLITB"

"Yeah, right.  How old is Angelina?  Is she your age, too?"

World.  Something Freudian this way comes.

Chicken out

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