Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Art of Negotiation

Littleb and I were in the car again.  This time, we were on our way to the educational toy store to pick up a  gift for his friend, Adam's, birthday party.  Littleb doesn't like the educational store power rangers.  This was my reason for going there.  I was in a hurry and power ranger window shopping was not on my agenda.

Littleb:  What store are we going to again?  Target?

Chicken:  No.  The other one, Lakeshore.

Littleb:  Where is that one?  Have I been there?

Chicken:  Yes, you've been there.  It's by Bob's.  It has a lot of art supplies.

Littleb:  Oh, yeah, I know that store.  I don't like that store.  That store doesn't have any good toys.  That store is for babies. I thought we were going to Target.

Chicken:  No, we're not going to Target.  We don't have time for Target today.

Littleb:  Yes we do.  I know just what I want to get him.  I'm getting him Monopoly, the electronic banking edition.

Chicken:  Are you sure that he likes Monopoly?  Just because you like Monopoly does not mean that Adam will like Monopoly.  (Crap!  Lakeshore doesn't sell Monopoly)

Littleb:  Well, he does like it.   He told me that's what he wants.  (This may or may not be true.  That's the problem with a lot of things littleb tells me.  Everything he says is based in truth without always being 100% true.  Like most of my blog posts, actually.)

Chicken:  (is thinking,  "OK, maybe if he knows exactly what he wants and we just run in and buy it....")

Littleb:  (READS MY MIND!!) Since I know exactly what I want, we totally have time to go to Target, right?

Chicken:  (......Totally?  Did he really just say totally??)

Chicken THE SUCKER:  Ok, but we do not have time to look at any toys or shop for you.  We just get the game and we're out of there.  A focused mission.  Agreed?

Littleb:  Yup, just get the game and we're out of there.

Thirty seconds later......

Littleb:  Except we could dash by the power ranger stuff, and I could  just look really quick.

Chicken:  What?  We're going to.....dash...??

Littleb:  Yes, we'll get the game, and then as we're leaving, we'll just dash by the power rangers.  We won't stop.

Chicken:  Laughing.  Ok, we'll dash by the power rangers.

Oh don't look at me that way.  You would have done the same thing. He's got a gap-toothed smile, a command of the language, and perfect timing. He's a pro.

I'm not buying anything, though.  Absolutely not.

Chicken out

BigB and littleb.  You think I'm a sucker?


  1. Well, y'know, if someone was dragging me out to buy a gift for my friend, I'd sure want to "dash by" the stuff I liked, too!

    He does indeed have a great vocabulary and knows how to use it. Chip off the old block?

    1. Hi Jenny, in truth (you always have to read the comments for the rest of the story), the power ranger section was directly across from the music section, so mutual leisurely dashing was done. It was like a really slow, brisk dash that involved touching things. Yes, he is a chip off the old block, but not my block:-)

  2. Little B has a pretty good handle on things!

    1. HI Shelly: He does. And he knows his way around a toy department, too!

  3. Yes, you ARE a sucker.

    You'd have to be a MACHINE not to.


  4. My wife teaches 3 yr old preschool. I dont like going to Lakeshore either. But I go because we can dash thru Lowes afterwards. I aint buying anything either. except maybe...

    1. Ahhh Lowes, The Big Boy toy store!

  5. I only WISH we had a a Lakeshore store. Your little guy is cute and smart. My first grandchild had me wound around her pinky. She was highly verbak, too. Alway made me laugh.

    1. Thanks Linda:-) Lakeshore is a very nice store except when you have a Power Ranger fixation. Then it is lacking.

  6. Replies
    1. Friko-you are correct. But BigB is the bigger sucker between the two of us

  7. LOVE IT!!! I am just like you. I figure if my little 6 year old is smart enough to "work" me by using her smarts and wit, she has won!

    1. Hi GND, why come they are so good at it, though? He didn't get it from me, that's for sure.

  8. My youngest is 15 and he still works me like this..

  9. Hi what you are saying is it never ends???


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