Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chicken's Dirty Laundry...

Hi World,

I'll bet you are thinking, here we go, Chicken has a scandalous secret to tell, a skeleton to reveal, some primo gossip. Or maybe she's just drinking the wine again, which can also be entertaining...

Nope.  Just needed to entice you to come out and play and when I asked your mother, she told me no way is she letting you play with a nasty Chicken. 

But.  Hi! 

Now that you are here, you may as well stay, and we can talk about my dilemma.

Pictured here are one of my socks, One of Teenager's socks, and one of littleb's socks.

Can you tell which is which?

Exactly.  Laundry day is a nightmare.  I'm exaggerating.  It is merely annoying.

I am 46, Teenager is 14 and littleb is 3.  How can this be possible?

Now, take a look at this.

This is one of BigB's socks and one of mine.

My point?

BigB always has socks and I can never find mine. And that does not seem fair.

That's what I told your mother when I stopped by to see if you could play.  Then she reminded me that Life is not fair ("Dear").  That reminded me of these socks.

Chicken out

And yes, I did photograph them against a black background hoping they would look whiter.  Why give your mom more ammunition?  Remember to click the chick.  Or don't.  Whatever.


  1. I thought you were going to ask us to compare them - Clorox Bleach Commercial-style.

    I live alone and the same damn thing happens to my socks. One of the signs of the apocalypse will be when someone, somewhere, finally figures out where all the socks go...

  2. I know we now laugh at the eighties, but something about all those colored rings on the socks actually helped keep the drawer in order...J

  3. Big J is responsible for washing his own socks. Little J too, and little R. The only sock I wash are mine. Call me selfish, it's the only way I stay sane.


  4. SS-and when that happens it will be too damn late and we won't even care. We'll be running to CVS for bottled water and canned goods to store in the basement.

    Anonymous-Yes, the stripes would help here. I've decided that from now on we will all have a signature sock brand. But really this is about your mother and how judgemental she is. And unfair. Kidding.

    CB-well, BigB does his own but the others require some training, I guess. Good idea. And totally fair.

  5. I have to ask...did you lose the mates to these socks in the wash. Whats up with that? Where do those odd socks go? Is it sock divorce?

    I rarely wear socks, so we dont have this porlem. Plus I'm not insane enough to buy WHITE socks...WTF were you thinking?

  6. far out...I'm delirious.

    Porlem is obviously meant to be PROBLEM. Duh. My fingers move faster than my brain.

  7. There are only two people residing in my home, yet I can still never find matching socks. I am convinced that the washer and dryer gnomes are taking them in some scheme to drive me crazy.

  8. Mrs. P-I thought you were speaking some Aussie slang. With me, you can always pass off your spelling errors. And if I do it on your blog, it is Yankee slang, ok? No, I had the partner socks. I'm sure I won't for long. My problem seems to be that my socks are always being snatched by Teenager and he swears they are his. I believe that has actually all reside under his bureau and bed. They like it under there where it is dark and the dustballs keep them warm:-)

    Jordan-You know, there definitely is a conspiracy and maybe it is the dreaded gnomes at work. We are not the only ones concerned. People are waking up to the disappearing sock issue. Aliens? Perhaps socks are the main diet of some other planet and they've exhausted their own supply? All that I know is that if you go on you tube and google "Lost Socks" you will get quite an impressive list of videos. I was going to post one on the Chicken crossing the road, but I couldn't find one I liked enough, so you got Jewel instead, who I like a lot.

  9. But - is it gnomes, or dwarfs that are taking the socks? That is the real question...

  10. Ha ha-yes, SS, you are right. The difference between them, because as it happened, the bedtime story of choice last night was "Snow White", is that the dwarves hats are kind of floppy, and the gnomes hats are pointy. So the gnome/dwarf in question was definitely a gnome!

  11. Chicken,

    Until training has taken hold, might I suggest that you take a permanent Sharpie and write the initials of the owner on the bottom arch of each sock (give each person a different color--I vote purple for BigB). This is what my own mom did to stop the fights over who owned what socks.

    Just a suggestion.


  12. CB-that is what I like about you. Common sense. Let's see....add to shopping list...sharpie, purple socks, blue socks, pink socks (for teenager-once he learns to wash his own he can have whatever color he wants but this should provide some incentive)and I will take ALL the white socks. Because I love them.

  13. lol, Chicken I didn't say everyone needed new socks...I said take the socks you have and label them...you can use all black, but I find the color will help ID them faster, and if you have "shared initials" you will definitely want to use a color coded sharpie system. And to answer your earlier post, no I do not have stock in Sharpie...but I should!

  14. Ohhhhhh. That makes sense. But new socks are so delightful that I will buy some for myself and stick everyone else with my old ones.


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