Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chicken Homework...

Hi World,

Ok, time for Chicken School. Or we could call it a game. Let's do that. It's not homework, it's a game.

On this website there is a fun game for us to play.

What is your type?


  1. I am an ESFJ. Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging. I agree with Extraverted. And the Sensing. And the Feeling. The judging, not so much. I'm not much of a judger. But all the other things, definitely me.

    I've been thinking of you, Chicken. I hope you're doing well.

  2. And I am an ISFJ. And I'm like Joann... I don't think I judge.

  3. Im ISFJ..and I dont think Im judgy at all! Having said that I've had three careers recommended for people of that type, nursing , social work and child wrangling!

    And Ive been saying for years Im an introvert and people just laugh their arses off.

    How's it going Chicken?

  4. I didn't go to the website, but since I was a psych major I had to take the Myers Brigss like a bajillion times. I'm an INFJ.

    J for judging has nothing to do with judging other people or things. It's descriptive of how you acquire and process information. In very general terms, "Judgers" tend to be more logical and orderly, whereas "Perceivers" are more the type to just jump into something without having a plan. It also depends on your other attributes as to what "judging" really says about your personality.

  5. Hey Chicksters, Rachel is right. MBTI's not calling you judgemental or anything and neither is the chicken. J is a very good thing to be, in my opinion. I first took this assessment as part of a training program back in the 80's. I came out an INTP and that is pretty much what I've stayed, having re-taken the assessment periodically over the years. I took it again yesterday for the first time in a while and came out an INTJ (just barely). Same with GG when she took it. We agree that it is possibly because we are both getting older and have learned a thing or two about focus and organzation. But we'll probably always be P's at heart. Incidentally, CB, one of the usual commenters here and my old boss snorted (electronically) when I told her I came out a J this time. Being a "raging J" in her own words, she's not seeing it in me. So Rock on J's and no worries. When I need to know how to do something or help getting organized, I'll be calling you.

  6. ENFJ. Don't care what you guys say, now I feel all judgemental. *sob*

  7. I'm an ISFP
    moderately expressed introvert
    slightly expressed sensing personality
    moderately expressed feeling personality
    slightly expressed perceiving personality

    I'm all moderate and slight and stuff. I took this once before, like in highschool, and I got something COMPLETELY different.

    Hey everyone, 'Judging' doesn't just mean the negative connotation that our society has placed on the word. Actually it means you have the ability to make decisions from a more logical side of things; to judge whether or not you have time for an activity,to judge how the money is to be spent and on what that month, to judge how best to deal with a difficult person. It's actually quite a nice quality to have.

  8. I did this 10 years ago when I started at my first real job with a management consulting company. I wish I remember what my personality type was then, I wonder whether I have changed. This time I am an ENFP and the famous people in this type are Mark Twain, Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey. :-)

    slightly expressed extravert
    slightly expressed intuitive personality
    distinctively expressed feeling personality
    moderately expressed perceiving personality

    So as I have "feared", I am both Extravert and Introvert...

  9. Elly, YOU JUDGE, I PERCEIVE. We are a perfect pair. Wonder Twin Power. Activate! :-)

  10. Chicken, thanks! I am LOVING the description of ME by Dr. Kerisey. I sound like such a keeper in the description. I am in LOVE with myself now. :-)

  11. SubWOW-ENFP's rock, so obviously, you should be in love with yourself. All of you should. Ellylou? Come on, honey, J is a good thing. How would you have progressed so far and fast on the uke if you were not a J, hmmm? If you were a P like me, you would have dropped the uke after a month to take up tarot card reading (followed by dance lessons, door knob collecting, and an in depth study of homelessness).

  12. Ashes-this post came about because I had my teenage son take it, and he didn't agree with the ESTP reading he got. That is because, in my opinion, he is totally an ISTP. And he's a lovely artisan. I also think all the "slightly" scores mean you can go other way depending on what the situation calls for, which is incredibly useful, you chameleon, you.

  13. Like Jane Fonda and Princess Margaret, I am an INSJ. And hells yeah, I judge. Ain't no shame in that.

    That was fun.

    I've missed you Chicken - happy new year!

  14. Ahem, I don't believe I e-snorted or otherwise Chicken...lol

    I merely indicated that that you should not place a value judgment on being labeled a "J" or a "P" that you rock it where ever you are on the spectrum.

    The world needs all types.


  15. slightly expressed introvert

    moderately expressed intuitive personality

    slightly expressed thinking personality

    moderately expressed judging personality

    i think i'm more introverted than this, but it depends on how much franzia and percocet i've had.

  16. INTJ, although hardly a mastermmind. Schemer, maybe, but no mastermind. Me and Hilary Clinton - we're a pair!!

  17. CB-"the world needs all types"...why that's so non-judgy of you:-)

    Punker-hahaha. Yes, my introversion is directly affected by some of those things.

    Anonymous...hhmmm, schemer? Mysterious. Actually, it is you, Hilary and me, plus most of the top military personnel, I think. Although I suspect Hilary might have a lot more J-ness than me.

  18. Hi Tarja, honey? You can't be an INSJ. It's INF or INT, those are the choices. You know what, though, Tarja? On second thought, yes you can. Totally. Rock on. But I'll bet you are more of an INSFJ.

  19. ENFJ

    Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging

    I am totally buying the judging. That's all about me. And the intuitive thing. Someone who judges on a whim. Yup. You want to know me.

  20. Chicken, what are you?

    I am (as usual) late to the party, but here now. My type is ISFJ: Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging. The profile fits me to a tee. Fun stuff.

    xo -El


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