Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chicken Brunch

Good morning, World,

I lied about the brunch.  There's no eggs benedict here.  In fact, I can't even offer you coffee because when I shopped yesterday, I forgot to buy it.  BigB will be very sad when he gets up.  Would you like some tea?  I'm having Orange Bliss, but I have quite a selection.  Know why?  Because I buy tea thinking that I should drink tea, but in reality I only drink tea when I am out of coffee.  So please, have some tea.  A little later, I'll make us some pancakes.
See how it is sorta like brunch?

What's new with you, World?  Careful, that tea is hot!

littleb brought home a new dog yesterday.  Here is a picture:

Can't see him?

Yeah, us either. 

The new dog's name is Chunk.  Apparently, he looks a lot like his brothers, Sparky and Bushy.  Here's a photo of them:

See the resemblence?

Now I'm feeling a little bad about my trickery. Getting you here under false pretenses to look at photos of imaginary dogs is bad enough, but I can't even make you a cup of coffee.  Not my finest moment.

Let me make it up to you. Here, have this ketchup packet.  Kidding.  Here's a photo of  a cute dog.  And if you'd like to read a chicken/dog/ghost story, I went back into the archives to find this tale about how my old dog, Sam, and I encountered a ghost one summer day.

looks just like Sam but is not Sam.  Is a Sam imposter

And here are some nice brunch pictures to hold you over while I get those pancakes started.  Mmm.  There's bacon.  And mimosas!

Happy Sunday, World.  If it is a long weekend for you, you should go to brunch!  Ashes, if you are here looking for your surprise, it is down there:-)

Chicken out


  1. OK It's quarter to one in the morning here and that brunch looks bloody good- imaginary dogs and a complete lack of coffee not withstanding.

    I probably dont need the coffee anyway since technically I have to go to work in about 7 hours ..I say technically because at this point I cant guarantee Im going to get there at that time.

    Pass me that bacon ...and make my Mimosa a double.

  2. omg. you had me at coffee. I just can't get into tea. honestly. samples came with my Keurig and me and my daughter-in-law about barfed.

  3. What are you doing up? I've only gotten as far as the title of your post, but sounds like you've been on crafty double-time this weekend! 2 mimosas coming up. With a side of bacon and a carafe of bloody mary's just for good measure

  4. DD. I have coffee now! BigB got up and did the manly thing. Sit right down, lady, I'll pour you a nice cup.

  5. Like I need visual prodding to consume my own weight in food? I just ate four sugar cookies for breakfast. Now I want to wrap myself in warm bacon and suck syrup out of a straw. I hope you're happy.

  6. Elly Lou-that is okay. You are eating for two. You have a free pass, buddy! And thank you for that visual of you wrapped in bacon. You wear it well. Much better than that GaGa lady.

  7. What does it mean if I did see dogs in the first two pics?

  8. I love that your blog has brunch. It puts my blog to shame - all he has are olives. And some ketchup.

    But I can't believe you don't have coffee. It's time to go get coffee and put the tea far away. Where it belongs.

  9. I also love that your blog hosts brunch and shows pictures of imaginary dogs.
    Shame about the lack of coffee.
    Since I'm here, I'd like to introduce you to ZILLA'S AWESOME PANCAKES.
    I made this up once I discovered my obsession with coconut milk.
    I wish it were more fancy.
    But in fact, it is actually just making pancakes with coconut milk instead of regular milk. Then topping them with hot blueberries/sugar from stove (I feel like this has a name and I just don't know what it is, and as I type this I can hear my grandmother screaming: It's called jam you idiot-so maybe that works too. But if you use jam, warm it up)

    This discovery also coincided with my obsession of making pancakes with various liquids other than milk, none of which were prosperous. Please do not waste your time with mixing the following with pancake mix:

    Coke (I assure you, there was little sobriety involved in this decision, I had actually managed to convince myself that it was flat enough that the carbonation wouldn't matter)
    Grape Juice

    I haven't tried this next suggestion, but I'm pretty sure eggnog pancakes would rock my heart out.
    That is all.
    Happy Sunday Chicken

  10. Missy-you are obviously one of littleb's "people"

    Chalupa-I love olives. All that salty deliciousness. I wish I had some right now. Ketchup not so much. That's why I try to force it on visitors.

    Missy....coconut milk you say. Hmmm. That is worth trying. Has Jack Johnson written a song about it yet? Seems like that would be up his alley. Now I'm thinking about other liquids, too....Chardonnay? Like, only on crepes, though, because that would be more classy.

  11. Shit, I guess I didn't get the memo this morning. Sigh...too bad I made my poor mother makes us all breakfast. She lives to please me...kidding she doesn't...but if she wants to see her know...kidding. I'm not that mean.
    Or am I?

  12. imaginary friends and a ketchup packet? why didn't i come here yesterday! i could have used both of those things to equalize my sunday blues.

  13. What do you call scrambled eggs and cheese eaten at 2 pm on Sunday? Lupper? Linner? I don't drink tea, either. But, like you I buy it because I think I should drink it. So, out it goes this week.I need the real estate in my cabinets.

  14. I don't even usually like breakfast, but now I have a craving for pancakes and eggs benedict...great.

  15. You and your ghost dogs and phantom brunch make me happy.

  16. Ah you make me giggle. And you remind me of my 3rd mother. Yes I have 3 of them. And neither of my parents are divorced. Random families adopt me and my husband.... I think it's because we look like were still in high school.

  17. LOL. This post made me giggle. Can't explain why. The pictures of the dogs remind me of my son's "pet germ"...


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