Friday, March 11, 2011

Chicken Dinner....

Hi World,

It is lunch time at preschool.  Littleb sits with all of his little friends, around their miniature tables, displaying manners he would never think of using at home.  And feeding himself.  Another task he prefers not to take on at home.

His teacher notices he is too busy talking to eat and tells him the lunch period is almost over, so he might want to eat up.

Littleb:  Well, it is ok if I don't eat because my mom is making a big dinner tonight.

Teacher:  Oh really?  What are you having?

Littleb:  A roast and broccoli

Teacher:  That sounds good.  What kind of roast?

Littleb:  A roast with a dead turtle inside it.

Teacher:  Oh....well....that sounds interesting...where does your mother get her turtles?

Littleb:  She gets them on the beach. She has a pail that she uses.  The turtles are in the sand.  There are live ones and there are dead ones.  She only takes the dead ones.

Teacher:  And then she puts them in the roast?

Littleb:  Yeah, she takes the dead turtle and she puts it into the roast and she cooks it.  It's good.

Teacher:  Yes, it sounds good...

God that kid cracks me up.  As if I'd ever cook broccoli. 

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some turtle gathering to do.   The turtles tend to die most often right about this time and I like to get in on the harvest early.  Before the other moms grab them all.

Happy weekend, friends.

Chicken out


  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmm....roast turtle. I'll be right on over.

    I prefer braised whale myself but beggars cant be choosers.

  2. Pinch Poke owe me a coke. I just commented on your blog. Then came back and...voila. So you bring the Southern Comfort and I'll bring the roast turtle, and we'll fish for whales for awhile.

  3. Aren't turtles high in cholesterol?

  4. I would like mine with a side of gerbil, please.

  5. Kimberly- No, that's the turtle eggs...but I think they are high in sodium...

  6. This made me laugh so hard. AND FYI - turtles are exactly what you need when your ship sinks and all you remember to grab is the galapagos. They will sustain you forever.

  7. LOL! This was the best thing I read all day!

  8. He is quite the story teller! Love it! Enjoy your turtle roast:)


    "turtle gathering to do."

    I wanna T shirt that says that.

    Cute, cute post here.

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  12. Don't forget to remove the plastic six-pack rings from the turtles this time. Just sayin'.

  13. Who the heck is bookjones and why don't they want to talk to me? Huh?

    Anyway, hi GG. Not to offend, but they are easier to carry that way. Oh stop. I'm kidding.


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