Wednesday, March 16, 2011

She's Baaaaccckkk...Time to do the Chicken Dance

Hi World,

Miss Doxie is back!  Miss Doxie is back!  Only she's Mrs. Doxie now.  But I'll let her explain it.

What?  A little background, you say? 

Okay.  Picture Chicken as a naive, non-blogging, cubicle dweller who has never even heard the word blog before and has no knowledge of this world where people talk about their lives on the internet. 

Until one day, she stumbles across Miss Doxie.  She reads, she laughs, and she falls in love with an Atlanta attorney and her whole family.

And there are cute animals involved.  I mean, really cute.

Okay.  Now picture Chicken doing virtually no work for the next year while she reads all the back posts she missed while she was wasting time doing things she got paid for.

Then picture Chicken's shock and horror when suddenly the drug of choice in her life disappears. 

Oh poor woebegone Chicken.  But s'all ok now because she's back.  And she brought reinforcements. 

Must. Do. Chicken Dance.

I feel like I've been infused with 24 liters of tiger blood.  Well, okay, I feel like I imagine it might feel to be infused with tiger blood if one could actually be infused with tiger blood and if said tiger blood produced in the recipient the energy and sense of well-being that contemporary mythology credits it with imparting.

Does that make sense? 

Whatever.  Maybe I'll just have a cup of coffee and try to calm down a little.

Happy Wednesday.

Chicken out

I didn't have time to photograph my Chicken Dance, but this move right here?  Signature Chicken.


  1. I love it when you do the chicken dance. It's just so authentic when you do it. Hopped over! Lots of happy things there!

  2. I'll see your Chicken Dance, and raise you one Constipated White Boy (complete with lip bite and air guitar solo - ha!)because I am THAT HAPPY that our Queen of Queens, our Holiest of Holies, is back on the airwaves. Long live Queen Doxie! (and Gimme and Bo and of course, Evil Kitteh.)

  3. I love the happy! And the mental image of the dance. That's good too. (^_^)

  4. now i have that song in my head, thanks.

  5. contemporary mythology! that's great. also, i love your signature move!

  6. @Betty-thanks for visiting the Doxies. She is worth the visit, no?

    @GG Ha! Whenever I think of constipated white boy dances, for some reason, I think of Bill Cosby. Remember that dance he used to do on his show? Stiff shoulders, shuffling around? I miss Bill.
    @Ashes-happy is good, right? And chicken dances are about as happy as it gets.
    @MommaKiss-so sorry MK. I should have mentioned that I do my Chicken Dance to Aerosmith. That accordian is way too annoying.
    @Punker-Contemporary Mythology-hmmm-something contemporary that will become mythological in time? I'm going with that.

  7. I am just glad you did not say CHICKEN BLOOD...

    Blogging FTW baby!

  8. Hi AofA-Chicken blood is bitter and a little unholy. Not recommended. Tiger blood is much more colorful, right? Steer away from any false-advertising concerning Chicken Blood

    SS-yes! A year ago. He's getting big now!


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