Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chicken talks about "The Sex Talk"

Hey World,

Amazing how you all flock when the word "sex" comes up. Yeah, don't try to pretend you were just stopping by. Chicken is totally on to you. "Know thyself, know thy perverted friends", that's what I always say.

I'm not going to talk about sex, though. I'm repressed for a tattooed chicken. Luckily, I don't have to. My good friend, CB, who often comments here, was nice enough to share the following video with me of Julia Sweeney talking about the day sex came up with her eight-year-old.

I'm not going to lie. It is hilarious. And scary. If you, like Absolute Narcissism, have recently had cause to have "the talk", you will appreciate this.

And remember World, "People figure out the legs. They just do"
And Wikipedia? Bad idea.

Enjoy your weekend, World.

Chicken out


  1. Oh my GOSH! I think I almost died laughing. "Mmm isn't this curry delicious."
    When it came to 'the talk' my dad handed me a grey's anatomy book.

  2. I actually just spent 10 minutes watching that entire video from beginning to end, I NEVER do that! It was hilarious! I loved the part about Mulan wanting to know where the legs go...Julia Sweeney clearly needs the book I was given as a child. It has it all very well laid out. You can see the legs nicely wrapped around the chubby man's fat gut. Thanks for the mention!

  3. Hi Dazee-I meant to post it on Fun Friday, but I didn't remember until I saw Sandra's post.

    Ashes-Grey's Anatomy? Really? My parent's assumed someone else had told me. I had to figure it out in Health Class.

    Sandra-I hope it gave you some ideas for the next time that subject comes up. Maybe with the boy who here will be called Jax (short for Jackson).

  4. Yup I was 6 when I started asking about it because my little brother was born. When I was 7 he gave me Grey's Anatomy to read, then when I was 13 he opened Pathphysiology to the sexually transmitted disease chapter. Done.
    It worked. I was a virgin till I got married. lol

    Wow, finding out in health class. How did that turn out?

  5. Thanks, DBS. I don't even know who Julia Sweeney is, but I wish she had been my aunt when I was 8!

    Ashes-Ha! I think your folks did a better job in that department. It can be hard trying to ferret out information when you are also trying to appear worldly in your circle of peers. And the STD stuff-terrifying!

  6. Tell me you know who Julia Sweeney is...please, Chicken, tell me you KNOW who JS is!!!!

    Okay, maybe you don't. Maybe your tres' cooler than I, a chicken wannabe, and you didn't spend most of your Saturday nights in the early 90s watching I've taken the liberty of providing you a quick link from Wikipedia no less to the life and times of Julia Sweeney.


  7. CB-OMG, she is PAT? I had no idea, but of course I am familiar with PAT. I was just thinking of Pat on Halloween, in fact, when a trick-or-treater came to the house dressed as a young boy, with seemingly no costume. And I said to S, that's a girl, right? And she said, No, Mom, that's a boy. But he/she looked liked a boy/girl dressed up as the opposite sex, and I couldn't really decide what I was looking at. Very androgynous. And I thought of the "Pat" skits. Ha. I love good timing At any rate, this video was hilarious. I found her on a TED Talk, too!

  8. Oh lord help me, the sex talk. Thankfully, I'm about a decade away from that - but frightened nonetheless.

    Hilarious video - thanks for the laugh, Chicken.

  9. Oh Chicken

    This is why I love coming to your blog.

    This was hilarious.

  10. OMG that was freaking hilarious! It's like having a waste management plant next to an amusement park. Horrible zoning!


  11. Chalupa-be afraid. Be very afraid...although somehow I think you will handle it with grace, humor and some really good advice.

    Wandering Menace-thank you. I love visiting your blog to live vicariously.

    Rachel-that was my favorite line, too!

  12. And this is why I love you, Chicken.

  13. Ashley! How are things. Hope you are doing well. How are the girlies?

  14. Awesomeness.

    Now, have to get to abso's and see what I missed there.


  15. You know, Chicken: that was really wonderful.

    I forgot how great Julia was.

  16. Hi Empress-is Baby E over his weekend yet? Poor guy. I sympathize with anyone who gets carsick. Abso is absolutely hilarious as usual.

  17. OMG thank you. I needed a laugh and a primer.

  18. Hi Jyllianm,
    Glad I could help in my own small way:-)


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