Thursday, August 29, 2013

I'll Bet You Think This Post is About You. Don't You?

Hi World,

When  we are young, we do stupid things. It starts, maybe, with touching a hot stove and progresses to running with sharp objects, and may even involve some petty theft.  If we are lucky, we don't scar, we don't fall, and we do get caught.

As we get older, and  assimilate all that we've learned, most of us get with the program and commit fewer cringe-worthy acts.  And then we die.  But that's another post.  

The late teens and early twenties are one of those periods of time  when we are particularly at risk of embarrassing ourselves. Maybe it's the hormones still raging, maybe it's the abundance of technology, maybe it's a growing sexual confidence.  Whatever the cause, our twenties can be a minefield of social gaffes.  

I think, in my early twenties, I may as well have walked around 24/7 with my skirt tucked in my pantyhose and toilet paper flowing from the bottom of my teetery, tottery,  too high shoes. I was that witless sometimes.

But this post isn't about me.  Any witnesses to my lapses in judgement have mostly lost their memories by now. Kidding. People I used to know, please do not write me about things you clearly  remember.  No one is interested. Trust me. 

We're lucky, you and I, that we can pretty much count on our skeletons to stay put in their cozy little closets. The famous are not like you and me.  Their regrettable moments are always at risk of making an appearance on some seedy little blog somewhere.  Like this one.

I say ________ you say _________

Monica Lewinsky
Marla Maples
Brittany Spears
Anna Nicole Smith
Angelina Jolie
Marilyn Monroe
Paris Hilton

And you know, sometimes, even after you get a little older and wiser, you still mess up.  Do these names bring back any memories:

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jimmy Swaggart 
Tom Cruise
Bill Clinton
Charlie Sheen
Woody Allen

(Is it me or is there a trend here?)

What I'm saying is this:  If we see a little sister make an ass of herself, maybe we can cut her some slack for being young and foolish. Why should Little Sister be deprived of the opportunities the rest of us had to humiliate ourselves in public? 

Chicken  out
probably regrets this photo


  1. You're delving into philosophy now? And history.
    Everyone had to be the result of all their circumstances, luck included.
    There are always regrets as you gain consciousness. Some things in the past would have been done differently. It's a mirage of evolution. The past is gone and you keep the regrets to learn from them.
    Don't chicken out on the subject of death. The ultimate mistery. Our undoubtable future.
    Make it funny. Skeletons always smile for a reason. Choose to die laughing. Or from excessive pleasure. Some deaths are truly idiotic. Many have an excess of drama.

  2. If we don't remember our mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them --and repeat them inaccurately. I sure like your blog!

  3. Hi Carlos-I am all about philosophy. Aren't we all? If you have an opinion you are pretty much a philosopher. The Plains Indians that I was obsessed with in my childhood were credited with the saying, "It's a good day to die", or something along those lines. I still think of it on a cloudless, crisp fall day. I'm never really serious, though.

    Geo-Even if we remember them and learn from them we might repeat them:-) Thank you. I like your blog to infinity and back.

  4. So true! Glad the cameras weren't on me during my unfortunate spandex and leg warmer phase.

  5. Hi Betty-I wanted so badly to to look good in spandex and eg warmers. It never happened. Didn't stop me from trying.


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