Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brotherly Love

One of the nice things that people often say about my husband, BigB, is that he is a humble man.

It's true.  He is.  It is one of the things I most like about him.

It seems that the trait is hereditary and has been passed down to littleb.

For fun, Teenager Who Lives in the Basement (TWLITB) often tries to get littleb to say complimentary things about himself.  It's a brother thing, I guess. For instance, the following conversation recently took place.

TWLITB:  Hi, littleb

Littleb:  Hi TWLITB

TWLITB:  What're you doing?

Littleb:  Drawing Spongebob

TWLITB:  Wow, that's really good.  You're a great artist.

Littleb:  Nooooo

TWLITB:  Yes you are.  Say it.  Say, "I'm an awesome artist."

Littleb:  blushes.  NOoooooo.

TWLITB:  C'mon, say it, littleb

Littleb:   Noooo.  I don't even know what that means..

A similar conversation takes place at least once a week; the one brother encouraging and teasing, the other brother bashful but pleased. It makes me smile.  I'm proud of my sons.

Little Brother Big Brother


  1. He seems like an exemplary big brother.

  2. Do ya think the age difference makes them get along better? My older kids seem to get along better with my youngest better than each other.

    1. SS-Yes, I think it makes a huge difference. My two girls are closest in age of my four, and both get along better with their little brothers.

  3. How cute are they? Adorable! I thought brothers are supposed to say things like "you are such a geek..or it is nerd now?

    It's been so long since my kids lived at home I don't know the current words that are used for insulting one's siblings. But I do remember a lot of "MOM, make him stop doing that!" or "I am going to tell Mom you said/did that!"

    1. Hi Cheryl, they say those things sometimes, too:-)

  4. That makes me proud of them, too. Good boys, really good boys.

  5. That is sweet music to a parent's ears, isn't it? Good stuff.

    1. It's a lot sweeter than, say, Moooommmm, where's myyy _______ or, Moooommmmmm I'mmmm hungryyyyy. Which I also hear a lot. That's the punk music of my existence:-)


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