Monday, July 7, 2014

I Had To Break Up With My Old Lady...

While the restaurant cashier is making small talk, as I wait for the other counter ladies to stop eating the food I just brought back for inexplicable reasons, and pack  me some new food, we somehow get on the subject of Sons of Anarchy, and how it just aired its last episode.  I tell the cashier how sad I was to see it end, and how emotional I got.  And then I get teary-eyed right there in the restaurant.  I can see that the clerk, who  is just making small talk, after all, is inwardly rolling her eyes, and why shouldn't she?  Who is this crazy, middle-aged woman, crying in her restaurant about a biker show.

Then  I woke up, without my Chicken Parmesan, but with my dignity, at least.

Truth is, I did just finish season 5 of  Sons, and I am quite fond of Gemma Teller Morrow, but I'm not sure I'll even watch season 6 because the show is just so dang violent that I spend more time shielding my eyes from torture scenes and machine gun spray than I do watching.  I think Gemma and I have parted ways for good and my subconscious knew it before I did.  Good-bye Gemma.  You were the best pretend Old Lady a girl could have. Sniffle.

Chicken out

Disclaimer:  You get that this was a dream, right?  About a show I like?  I have no idea how many actual SOA seasons there are, nor do I have an insider's track on when the show will end.  Don't quote me to the Enquirer, okay?

Gemma Teller Morrow (Katey Sagal)


  1. I haven't seen that show (not a big TV fan anymore) but I did get that it was a dream, so no worries there :)

    Dang, girl, you have been writing your heart out - so many posts! I'm really feeling lucky to have so much good reading material, because I am recovering from emergency eye surgery and two of the few things I'm allowed to do are read and use the computer. Serendipity :) And thank you.

  2. Hi Jenny, what happened? It sounds like you are ok for now? I hope so.
    if you like guns, bikers, tattoos and violence, you are missing something special. I only like bikers and tattoos, not that I have either, but the first three seasons, which I watched over the course of a week, were riveting. Re: the writing, I'm getting up earlier to fit it in. It's just not something I can do at night, right now. I'm glad to think of you out there and reading and commenting:-)

    1. Partially detached retina - yes, okay for now although the surgery has a quote 80% success rate unquote, which is still better than the 100% chance of going blind without surgery, so I will take it. I don't think that show is for me, I came up zero out of four :)

    2. Wow, that must have been really scary. I'm sorry that happened to you. How long is recovery? Re SOA, I like tattoos. I don't have any, but I appreciate them when they are well done.

    3. Not sure on the recovery - just trying to make it to the one-week checkup without going bonkers! I'll know more then.

      My twenty-something daughter has several tattoos and I like them all right. I think I've watched too much "Ink" or whatever the name of that show is (was) where they have many, many, MANY tattoos. Even that was interesting, though. The artists were very talented.


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