Monday, August 25, 2014

Bucket List

On  his last day as a first grader, littleb wrote a bucket list of things he wanted to do over the summer.  This is his list:

1.  Go into a pool
2.  Go to Block Island
3.  A Celebration
4.  Have a vacation
5   Buy flowers
6.  Go out with my family
7.  Go to Mystic  Aquarium
8.  Go Fishing
9.  Go to Camp Ok-wa-nesset
10.  Go Kayaking

Today he meets his second grade teacher and tomorrow is the first day of school.  Summer never lingers (unfortunately) but this summer has flown by so fast, I find myself a little bereft.  Looking back at littleb's list and recalling the moments when each mission on his list was accomplished makes me smile and helps bring the summer more into focus.   It may have gone by quickly, but we sure did enjoy it.  What did you do on your summer vacation?

Chicken out

Hiking the Megunticook Trail in Camden


  1. Did he really do all those things? Good for him! A bucket list for the summer is a great idea, provides focus for going forward and for looking back. I need to remember this. My summer vacation was spent healing after eye surgery, which I have spent a good deal of time talking about to everyone I know and which has caused my husband to want to cut his ears off. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone's bucket list. I think I need a fall bucket list, to make up for it. That is a gorgeous view from your hiking trail.

    1. Hi Jenny-yes, he really did! And you are right about it providing a great focus for the whole family over the summer. That's why I wanted to record it in the blog, so that we'd always remember the summer of the bucket list. Actually, as of last Friday, he had two things left on the list-Mystic Aquarium and Fishing, so on Sat we went to the aquarium and Sunday his Dad took him fishing. If not for the list, we probably would have stayed home cleaning storm windows or something:-) Are you completely healed now from your surgery? And yes, I think you should have a fall bucket list. In fact, I think I need one, too!

    2. Healed - yes! Thank you. Got the all-clear today.

      Your fall bucket list - yes! Do it!

    3. Yayyyy. Celebrate. With ice cream. I'm having some.

  2. Tried to leave a comment, didn't work for some reason. Anyway, glad to have re-found you.


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