Thursday, August 7, 2014

Chicken Scratch

Well, since my good idea didn't mosey on back from where ever it's gotten off to, I'm going to play off Jenny O's idea.

Jenny said that even if she did write her ideas down, it's unlikely that she'd be able to interpret them later.

Friends....this has also happened to me.

I'll share below some excerpts from two notebooks I keep-one in my house and one in my bag-and maybe you can tell me where the hell I was going with them.  And if an idea strikes a creative  chord in  you? By all means, go forth and produce.

1,  Tornado on the surface of the sun

2,  I don't think Stephen King would like me

3.  How the AARP is like the mafia

4.  Alien commercials

5.  Comma specialist

6.  Help me to help you

7.  I live with three males.  As long as I keep ketchup  in the house it's a drama-free zone

8.  Bat Cat Rat Hairless Cat

9.  Hey you, get offa my Chi

10.  Namaste, Bitches

11.  I'm not a robot.  I just have bad eyesight.

12.  My bounce rate in Texas is not good

13.  Basically, I'm my target audience

14.  Pillow marketing

15.  Bed of nails?  What's that like.

16.  Bruce Springsteen might be Jesus

Any of this inspiring you?  Nope?  No idea what I'm talking about?  Me either!

I  think I might be onto something with Bruce Springsteen, though.

Ok, Namaste Bitches

Chicken out


  1. Hahaha! Okay, you just made me feel SO much better about the stuff I jot down! If Chicken does this too, I am not so dim after all :)

    I must say number 12 is intriguing. You may need to explain (possibly in whispers) what a bounce rate is. Is this going to lead to an embarrassing discussion? Am I going to regret this? Oh, now I am feeling dim again.

    1. You are far from dim. come here. Little closer. Ok, don't spread this around but a bounce rate has something to do with the amount of time people spend on my blog when they visit. I get a lot of hits from Texas, but apparently they are looking for chicken recipes not chicken stories.

    2. Ohhhhh ... not what I was expecting ... and now that you've explained, I thought Texas was full of steak, not chicken ...

    3. Were you expecting a rubber chicken joke? Texas is full of steak, but apparently they like a good chicken fry also.

  2. OK, #3, the AARP is like the mafia because once you're in, you're in. Even if you come out of retirement, you're not likely to renounce your AARP membership.
    #4, alien commercials would have to be better than the ones we are subjected to, right? RIGHT??!? Or maybe you were thinking about the 94 years it's been since the first radio commercials were broadcast, and how aliens 94 light years away could be listening to them now, if they happen to have their radios turned on and tuned to the right station...
    And #5, comma specialist is maybe what you thought the "CS" stood for that your English teacher wrote in red ink next to your run-on sentence when you were but a wee chicken and hadn't grown into your super human powers of writing yet...

    -Doug in Oakland

    1. That's true about the AARP...there's only one way out and it ain't retirement:-) Maybe that's what I meant. I like the idea of aliens listening to our radio commercials for Tang. Wouldn't that be ironic? On the day my teacher taught comma placement I was apparently sick or possibly not sick as much as feeling very well thank you, too well, in fact, for school and all its many rules and petty regulations. I put, commas wherever, I damn want to,.

  3. If it wasn't for AARP, I wouldn't need a mailbox.

    1. Hi ducksmahal, well, AARP and credit card companies. It's nice to be wanted.


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