Thursday, February 18, 2010

Which Came First? Chicken or Egg?

Dear World:

Sorry for my little snit. I wasn't really that upset. Just having some fun and creating some drama for myself. That's what us middle chickens do.

I've just returned from a trip through blogger world; triple the fun of Disney at a smidgen of the price. I've come to the conclusion that I need some bells and whistles and other stuff I don't know the names of. All the really great blogs I've seen have things in common-there are photogaphs, videos, multiple pages. One blog even has secret hidden stuff, like a Dan Brown novel, only much more fun and with no self-flagellating albinos. As soon as I have time to sit down and figure it out I'll be growing up. So to speak.

In the meantime, I've been thinking about the condition of the human being. You know, all that stuff that is built into our DNA.

Three things that stand out about being human (as opposed to being a brick or something along those lines) are eating, procreating, and digestion.

Think about the importance we put on these activities; the ads, the books, the magazines, television....does it ever seem to you as though we all have an unnatural focus on these subjects? Does it seem as though it is all we ever think about? Does it sometimes feel...silly?

I'm not touching the procreation thing, not tonight. But feel free if you are inspired.

(Cue Twilight Zone Music)

Imagine a parallel universe. Imagine there's no need to eat to sustain one's self. I know you are thinking about the Beatles right now. Focus for one minute. food, which means no restaurants, no grocery stores, no cooking shows, or cook books and no "Biggest Loser". It means no indigestion, no constipation, no munchies, no diarrhea, no throwing up, and no Peptol Bismol.

What it also means is no focus at a party and that means people walking around totally bored, without the anchor of food or alcohol (oh yes, friends, if there is no need to consume, there is no alcohol). Sure, there is small talk. Sure, the guest of honor is important. But what? No Fucking Ziti? (My favorite line ever from "The Sopranos", episode ohhh I don't know. Young Anthony.)

Without the need to eat would we would have any socialization at all? Is the need to eat the precursor to the need to procreate? Or vice-versa?

Which did come first? The Chicken or the Egg? And since they are both edible, is this really a relevant question?

I'm sure this is all documented somewhere. Probably Freud has it covered.

Take Care,


  1. I forgot to mention that I am pretty sure there would still be sports regardless.

  2. Only thing I think about is vodka.....

    oh yeah...and football and The Simpsons and Curry and vodka...oh..yeah...said that.

    So. You are a Sicilian chicken then?...;-)

  3. FD-No-English Rose (fading English Rose:-)but I do like Ziti and Italian mobster shows I guess. I didn't know that until I looked at the evidence....but here it is. And Vodka. And your blog. I lied about the Vodka, actually. I like wine.

  4. It's true. To rise to the creamiest crop of blogger stardom, you're going to have to learn the fine arts of linking and imbedding. Because a nice picture of some ziti would have taken this post to a whole new level. Or a picture of procreating, for that matter, though that's a different direction entirely.
    :O GG

  5. Are you using emoticons too, now? What the hell is happening to you, GG? Me likey.

  6. :-) Too much to ponder...I'll get back to you.

  7. Don't let them intimidate you, Chicken! To turn a phrase on its head: A word is worth a thousand pictures in my head. Embed all the links you want, but I like imagining the ziti, and don't need to see a photo of it. Like your writing isn't delicious enough! Hummph. ; ) (Yes, emoticons rule).


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