Saturday, February 20, 2010

Will The Real "Anonymous" Please Step Forward...

Salutations, World

It's me, Charlotte. Just kidding.

Earlier in the week, I posted this as a gift for all (4) of my loyal readers:

I spent a lot of time on it and I thought everyone would love it and we could have a lot of deep conversations over all the great blogs out there and further the character development of Pearl Annabelle Lafleur.  But nobody read it.  I waited two whole days.  This is me waiting:


So then I posted this:
to remind my loyal readers to not take me for granted because I do have feelings and all, and also to alert them to the original post.  I could have just sent a direct email to all four of them. Since one of them is my daughter, I could have just said something to her.  But I like to do things the hard way whenever possible so writing a second post that, as fate would have it, no one would read within the next 24 hours, seemed like the way to go.  Here I am waiting for someone to read my second post and not getting any younger:

And then I began posting my own comments because nobody was out there. They were all busy fawning over their Valentine's Day roses, I guess:

Get it ??


But then, Anonymous saved me from myself. Anonymous left a comment:

Anonymous said...


Stop drinking the bong water. Anna, Alanis, and Tiger do not read your blog. I do, however, and I am way better than any of them.

And now enquiring Chickens want to know...Who was Anonymous??

My first thought was:

 of course and FINALLY. But reality hit and I realized Bruce is probably a little too busy to go about searching for the best hidden blog on the blogosphere.

So then I thought:

 He got my tweet and decided to check in? Prince would definitely think he was "way better", so that part made sense. But then I realized that Prince is so "Way Better" that he would not be looking on anyone's blog but his own.

Okay, not a Rockstar. That leaves friends and bloggers. I have my suspicions.

Come forth Oh Anonymous and be immortalized and rewarded.

Hopefully, you have realized that this post is me learning how to enhance my blog.  I'm going to post now-let's see what happens.  I'm getting scary messages about errors....


  1. Although I sang about chicken lips and lizard hips, I am not Anonymous.
    The Boss

  2. Four Dinners cares about chickens. He often has them in vindaloo sauce.

  3. Thanks Boss. That is a rocking picture of you, no? It is almost, but not quite, as charming as 4D X, which made me laugh RIGHT OUT LOUD all alone. I love when that happens. 4D X, I know all about your chicken eating habits thanks to your last post...a little vindaloo sauce, a little bathroom floor debris...and voila. Julia could not have done it better. I'm a continent away, so feeling quite safe, but let me know should you decide to jump the pond or whatever the appropriate Brit saying is:-)

  4. Anonymous wants to know what the prize is, before identity is revealed...

  5. Hmmm, as a loyal reader, I wonder why I'm not getting any notification of these wonderful blog postings...I'm not asking for anything outrageous--like sky writing or a press conference involving Tiger Woods...just a simple poke or nudge when a new post it too much to ask Chicken? Is it? IS IT?


  6. Anonymous: I said rewarded. I didn't say "prize" as in "Here's your brand new pink cadillac and a check for $1,000,000.00". But I suppose, in the interest of fairness, I did IMPLY a prize. So how about this. In addition to my admiration and gratitude, I will write my next post on any subject you choose and you will be immortalized in the blogosphere. Pink Cadillacs guzzle way to much gas anyway and I am trying to look out for your carbon footprint.

  7. CB: I Did, I Did alert, poke, etc. I facebooked, I tweeted, and I sent you a PERSONAL email. To the wrong email address, yes, but the thought was there. (Why do I have so many email addresses for you?). It has been corrected and SORRY Loyal Reader. You do deserve sky writing and press conferences for your efforts at following me. I know. Chicken does not make it easy.

  8. Woohoo! A big shout out to the Chicken for learning to post pictures. Miss Doxie and Sassy are officially on notice: The Bird is gonna bring it!!!

  9. I think it was Bret Michaels POSING as Prince. But I wish it had been me, posing as Bret Michaels, posing as Prince. That would have been awesome.

    Also, GG: Oh, it has already been broughten. And yes, I am totally scared.

  10. Thanks GG-yes, it's very exciting. Who knows what's next? Maybe an extra page. Chicken has a lot to learn.

    Sassy-thanks so much for visiting. I laughed out loud when I saw the Prince photo on your recent post. Wish I had seen that one first. It was disturbing and yet the essence of Prince.

  11. Anonymous does not wish to reveal at this point. I'm having much more fun being an international man/woman of mystery...

  12. Does Prince have a Twitter account because if he does I'm so going to annoy the shit out of him...

    I like your blog by the way.

  13. Dear Anonymous: I understand. I like that my blog has a bit of mysteriousness to it. It also gives me something to ponder occasionally.

    Amanda: Thank you for visiting and the compliment, and oh yes, Prince so does have a twitter account...assuming it is him. His favorite post is "I LOVE U MORE" which I find hard to believe.


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