Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ain't No Big Thang

Hi World,

This morning I woke up thinking, "It ain't no big thang" and now I can't stop thinking it. 

This means one of several things.  It could be I read the phrase on one of the many blogs I perused last night. 

It could mean I had a dream last night that I do not remember. Unless it was the dream I vaguely recall in which I found my cream colored turtleneck that I have been looking for all winter.  In that case, maybe I said, "oh I'm so happy to see you again.  Thank you so much for coming home", and maybe the turtleneck said, "shucks, it ain't no big thang".    And yes, when dreaming, I do think it is perfectly reasonable for a turtleneck to become a talking, animated object.  If my clothes start talking to me when I am not dreaming I will be appropriately worried.  Actually, I probably won't.  Please promise me that if I start blogging to you about how my sweater just complimented my accessorizing, and my jeans complained that my ass is making them look bad, AND I SEEM SERIOUS, that you will contact my husband and the proper authorities because this would indicate that the Chicken has finally and totally lost her marbles.  Which brings me to possibility number three regarding the phrase that brought us all together this morning.

It could mean that there is another voice coming through.  I think Pearl Annabelle Lafleur has maybe invited a friend to play.  That's fine.

It ain't no big thang.

Okay, world, littleb has pronounced it a boodiful nice day out there with storm clouds in the distance.  Storm clouds would be a new thing he just learned to fear in preschool.  Hope your day is boodiful and not stormy.

littleb is going to the dentist today for the very first time ever so stay tuned.  I have a feeling I'll be back soon.



  1. I know where your marbles are!!!! They're with mine!!!

    er...not sure of the exact location...but they're keeping each other company!

    No big thang?

    I seem to recall Carol saying something of that kind when I was in the idea what she meant....;-)

  2. Dinners....bwah ha ha haha. Leave it to you! Our marbles are obviously very bright and shiny even if they are slightly insane

  3. Count yourself fortunate to have marbles to lose...think of all the children in the world who have no marbles to lose...



  4. Oh you are so right, CB. Having marbles to lose is definitely a silver lining. In fact, I boxed up a few of mine and sent them to China. I don't really need them anyways.

  5. I lost my mind once, but it sent me post cards. There were a few marbles in the background. Maybe they were yours?

  6. Bea, most likely. Were they drinking margaritas?


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