Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shout Out To GG

I miss you GG.  Where are you?
Come forth and reveal yourself.

Send another postable email. 

I really need to know what your guilty pleasures are these days. 

While we are waiting, here are some household tasks that my family believes the faeries must be responsible for:

Refill all the salt and pepper shakers
Change sheets
Recycle the old magazines
Recycle in general
Bend a coathanger and clean out the drains when they get all stopped up
Clean off the front of the refrigerator and replace with new preschool art and family photographs
Clean UNDER the refrigerator
Replace the toilet paper
Sign permission slips
Make dental and doctor appointments
Buy toothpaste
Change lightbulbs
Sweep under beds

Oh and there is more.  So much more.  What am I forgetting?  What do you guys do that goes unnoticed? Please add to my list.  It might come in handy some day if I ever decide to go totally passive agressive

Signing off,


  1. Forgot human divining rod for all things misplaced and matcher of socks.

  2. In addition, CB's kids think the fairies:
    Empty the dishwasher
    Replenish all food and drink within the house
    Procure school and art supplies
    Research/procure engaging enrichment programs during the summer months
    Clean in general
    Set aside monies for a college education

    I'm sure there are several other things out there that fairies (i.e. ME) accomplish, but sadly, I am just too darn tired to list any more, good night Chicken!


  3. Excuse me, CB, doesn't Jesus procure the engaging enrichment programs during the summer months? Could have sworn I read that in a previous email some years back:-)

  4. Around GG's house, the Faerie folk:
    leave feathers for me to find,
    sprout mushroom circles in the woods,
    congregate on the mossy rocks by the spring,
    and sometimes, (If I ask politely)answer my questions.
    But the little Fuckers do ZERO housework, and that's a fact.

    email on the way, btw, hold your horses.
    Love, GG

  5. Chicken, I keep trying to comment, and it disappears as soon as I hit "post"! Is this some kind of conspiracy to silence me?

  6. You talk to horses? Impressed!!

    oh...sorry...voddy..thinking GeeGee here...

    I will sober up and return...

  7. Hey GG-not sure but I got these. Sometimes there is a box where you have write the code word and hit enter? Not being a smartass-just not sure if it is on my blog or not. Frankly, I like your Faeries better than mine. Because alas I have no F'n faeries.

    Dinners-no hurry, man. I know you have been writing your head off. Sobriety would probably only delay the next installment:-)

  8. Touche' Chickie, touche'. ;-)


  9. OK, here it goes.
    Since you mention guilty pleasures again, here they are: Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Eating the whole bag of Chips Ahoy cookies in one sitting. Coloring my hair (though that's not so secret, I guess, when I show up one day as a blonde and the next as a red head and the next as a brunette). Reading cool blogs on the internet.

  10. GUILTY AS CHARGED! So good to have you back, BeaGirl


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