Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chicken Logic

Hi World,

This morning, littleb stubbed his toe on a stool in the kitchen.  He was not really hurt seeing as he had boots and socks on, but he asked for a band-aid for his toe.

littleb, like most kids his age, has an obsession with band-aids, stickers, and anything round (rocks, balls, tires, lollipops, cookies....).  I said yes to the band aid because indulgent is my middle name.

But Lazy is my first name.  I did not want to deal with taking off the boots, the socks, putting on the band-aid, then putting the socks and boots back on.

So I said to littleb, "I have an idea.  Why don't we put the band-aid on your finger?  It will still make your toe feel better and we won't have to take your boots off."

littleb thought about it.  "Put it on my finger?  Ok!"

That's what I love about 3-year-olds.  Their minds are so open to alternative medicine.

I went off to get the band-aid.

When I came back, littleb was laying flat on the floor with his arm stretched out and on one finger....was the leg of the stool that he had earlier stubbed his toe on.

I said, "Hey, littleb, what are you doing?"

littleb said, "I'm hurting my finger, Mommy"

Chicken has very strong genes.

Take care,


  1. Sounds like he's learning chicken abuse to me..;-)

    Stop posting so quickly! Yer not laying eggs in a battery farm yer know!!!

  2. Ha. If it isn't Mr. 3 Posts at Once calling the kettle black.

  3. Littleb is hilarious.



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