Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Irish Stew

This is for Anonymous who suggested that I post a recipe for Irish Stew.  Rocking idea, Anonymous!

Here you go....

Irish Stew:

Method of Preparation:  Simmer
Time for preparation:  30 minutes (please note holding time)
Cooking time:  2 days
Level of difficulty:  Easy even for special people (like me)
Tips:  Beware the Ides of March

Main Ingredient:  One Irish Husband
1 Chicken
1 Flood
1 '97 silver/purple Lexus
1 Insurance company
1 zen-like mechanic

Preparation:  Mix together the Chicken, the flood and the Lexus.  Hold in Garage for 1 day.  Add Zen Mechanic and Insurance Company.  Stir well.

Set on low heat, and simmer for 2 days.

Garnish with several Salty comments and serve Hot under the collar.

For non-culinarians:  It seems the Lexus is toast.  The insurance company totaled it.  The Zen Mechanic thinks it can be saved, but he won't know until several buckets of labor money has been signed over.  It lies in a coma in a garage nearby. Does it hear us talking?  Should we put it down?  Should we hand over the buckets of money in hopes of a few more good years? 

The Lexus is old. The stitching on the leather seats is torn and the upholstery is busting out.  There is no air-conditioning.  The grill was stolen.  It is not much to look at but it is beautiful on the inside:  It always starts.  It heats up quickly.  BigB bought it when we were dating and has maintained it well all these years.  We are attached.  It has been a witness to our courtship.  It may have been the place where our son was conceived.

Just kidding. We are way too old for that.  And who wants to name a kid "Lexus", anyway. 

So we have a choice to make. 

Because I have good bloggy friends, I've become aware of another car for sale.  It might work for both our budget and our aesthetic sensibilities.  Thank you Stolen Sentiments for the suggestion:

Pretty sweet, right?  Please assure BigB that it is a Burgundy coloredish auto with a Mountain Lion sun screen.

'97 Silver/Purplish Lexus.  May you enjoy your eternal rest.  Salvage will come.  (can we please have a moment of silence)

Burgundy/Barbie Pink Fiesta Circa 1981, Long may you run....

Safe Travels,
(Don't forget to click on the Chicken crossing the road for a little mood music.  I was planning on a nice rendition of Taps, which would have been appropriate and funny, but opted at the last minute for hot Irish guys. Given the choice, I probably always will. Happy St. PD. BigB)


  1. Aww. Feelin' the love. :) I hope you, la fiesta, and the whole coop are very happy together. I know Lexus will always live on in your heart, and in la fiesta's pink rims...

  2. RIP Greple Lexus, you were a good car. LOL, you're next post should be it's obituary.


  3. Thanks Stolen Sentiments-that is true. CB-An obituary is a great idea, thanks. I am on it. hmmmmm, lemme think.

  4. Well, Helllooooooo, Kitty.
    That's a nice 'un, chicken. Kinda reminds me of the neon pink antibiotics J would vomit every time he got an ear infection. 'Course, me sitting on his solar plexus while force feeding him medications MIGHT be what caused the vomiting. Not sure.
    Anyway, I vote for the Canada Mint Coupe. So long, S/urple Lexus! Pink rules!

  5. GG-hello there-Or maybe the new hat you bought? Canada Mint-ha-that is exactly it. Also, Peptol Bismo.


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