Monday, May 3, 2010

Mark, Hey...Hey.....Mark...Over Here....It's me, Chicken!

Mark....look up...yeah, man, 52nd row balcony, 34th to the right.  See the big tall guy? Yeah, behind him....

See my arm waving wildly???  Mark, hey Mark...

Hi World,

You may recall that Saturday was a big music day for the Chicken family.  We started with an all day folk festival and ended with a Mark Knopfler concert at the MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods. 

I'd be hard pressed to tell you which event I enjoyed most.  Mark was injured and remained seated through the entire concert.  This is going to sound shallow (because it is), but I really wanted him to be standing up.  I don't even know why.  I just kept thinking, ok, when is he going to stand up.  Uh. Never.  See?  Shallow.  I never promised you deep chicken thoughts on this blog.  Did I?  I hope not. 

He was great, even sitting down.  Evidently he didn't get my fan letter, though.  He also apparently did not recognize me in the balcony, standing behind the tall husky guy and gesticulating wildly.  Waving my Takamine...

Here's a question for you:  What does it mean that they had a contest for a free seat upgrade and I kept checking my test messages for the first hour and a half of the concert before it occurred to me that, out of the 2,000 people there, maybe I didn't win.... 

I like to think that makes me an optimist.

The music festival, on the other hand, was FREE which is one of my very favorite words.  It took place outside on a beautiful warm day and featured a dozen or more performers.  The only thing that could have made it better, possibly, would have been the smell of  grease.  For some reason there were no food stands and this was disappointing to the Chicken clan. When I go to a festival, I want to start with fried dough loaded with butter, cinammon and confectioner's sugar, follow that with french fries drowning in ketchup and vinegar and served in those little red and white checked paper containers, and wrap up with a pint block of ice cream dipped in chocolate and covered in nuts.  Carnival Food.  That's what I'm talking about. 

Here are some photos of littleb.  In the first shot, post Del's Cherry Lemonade, he is giving his crocs a bath in the fountain we found.  In the remaining photos he is dancing to a drumming performance.  He took his inspiration from several frat/sorority members, in togas, dancing wildly and under the influence of something; possibly several somethings.  I did like that they had the foresight to dress for the occasion.  I'm sorry, World. I didn't even think to take pictures of the drummers or the drunken dance troupe and now I'm kicking myself.  I have to start remembering these things. 

So that was Chicken's exciting weekend.  They sure don't come often.

Speaking of great weekends, I know a lot of you readers are moms.  What would be your ideal mother's day?

I'm hoping for a Max and Ruby festival.

Take care,

Chicken out


  1. I always over-wave- like, I see someone I know or who I am meeting in a crowd, and wave like a crazy person.
    "HI!! Over HERE!!! Do you see me?!? OVER HERE OVER HERE!!!"
    And they'll see me, but I'll keep waving just to make SURE they see me.

    Totally normal.

  2. He is possibly one of the cutest chickadees I have seen in a very long time.

    Oh, and now I want fried dough. Thanks.

  3. Hi Chicken, What a cute little chickadee, there.

    Glad Mark was great even if he didn't stand up.

    And what is it about a fried elephant ear that makes it better than crack?

    Mother's Day. It was to be at my beautiful Gulf of Mexico. A day enjoying the loveliness of the sea. But, now...I don't know. My heart is breaking for my beautiful Gulf. We will see.

  4. LSLW-and you know that is very retro of us right? Like, if we were cool, we would get on our cell phones, call the person, and verbally guide them to look our way, and we would wave LEISURELY, not wildly, because that is SO uncool. I like retro, though. Much more exciting.

    Ninja,yeah me, too. Sorry about that. The fortunate thing is that we are left with the choice of making our own,which totally would not be the same, or of finding a carnival, which is not easy on a Tuesday.

    Joann-I feel very badly for the fishermen in those areas, too. I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a woman who studies barnacles up and down the East Coast. I guess the thing about barnacles is that they are supposedly one of the first indicators of something out of whack, so they are very impoortant to study. She is not on the project because of the spill but I asked if she believes they will see effects this far up the cost and she said there most likely will be repercussions. It's really pretty scary, as well as sad.

  5. littleb - I could just eat him up! And I love Mark Knopfler. The radio station here had this long, dramatic intro to a Dire Straits song this morning and I had high hopes as to what it would be. I was praying for Tunnel of Love or So Far Away or Latest Trick. Nope. Sultans of Swing. Sigh.

  6. He finished up his show with So Far Away the other night. It was the highlight for me.

  7. Lucky you, Chicken. Knopfler is the real deal. He did an album with Emmylou Harris a couple of years ago. It's great. My favorite songs are Red Staggerwing and Belle Starr. Did he do either one?

  8. Hi Anonymous. No, I don't think he did. He's on a new album tour so a lot of that and a lot of older dire straits stuff. He didn't do my favorites from Goldenheart, either. I love, "This is Us" off the album you mentioned. Thanks for reading.

  9. Was there any cotton candy...must have cotton candy now. And a Drumstick!

  10. I am sure he got your letter but just couldn't show it.

    Cutie Cute Cute Cute! That's what that boy is!!

  11. VP-No! No cotton candy, nothing but frozen lemonade. Hardly sustaining, right? Still looking for that portal, btw.

    BB: I think you are right. It wouldn't be fair to all the other middle-aged, guitar playing, chicken fans out there if he singled me out. Thank you. He's a very good dancer, too!

  12. Chicken, hey Chicken! Over here!!! Look.. look... LOOOOOK! I hope this comment reaches you in time since the last email I had for you was back when we were in the BJ's (for all you chickadees with their minds in the gutter already, it stood for Book Junkies and was a book club, well, a wine drinking club that used books as an excuse, to be honest). Best Fair Food coming right up Sep 3 - 6 in Woodstock, CT. It's just a hop over the RI border up past Burrillville/Glocester (no, you don't have to stop in B'ville - you can safely traverse it via Rt 44 or 102 depending on your route, without ever having admit to the pass-through visit). Since leaving the state I often still dream in technicolor funnel cakes and turkey legs, images from memories of the 10 years we went annually and ate ourselves silly. Wear your "fat" pants!

    1. Hi Bea-where are you these days? Are you still in Germany?


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