Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Birth Announcement

The Chicken Family of Somewhere in New England welcomes into their lives 2010 Gray Camry SE.  Camry weighed in at 28 MPG highway.  It is little and cute and sporty.  Camry was born with a sunroof and several desirable safety features.  Welcome Gray Camry.  Long may you run.

Yes, World, BigB finally chose a car to replace slurple Lexus.  It was difficult and I could write a whole post about this angst but BigB would not appreciate so I'll keep my snide chicken comments to myself.  I'm happy to have Gray Camry in our lives and I know Slurple Lexus would be touched that we continued the Toyota tradition

In other news, World, my interview with Dee from Say Anything is posted today.  To read it go to Dee's page, Say Anything.

Boy, when she says May 5, she does not fool around and it is already up.  I'm not ready for my Close up, Dee, Geesh.  The lights, the lights.  NO, the OTHER side, you idiot.  This profile makes my NOSE look big.  Where's my Evian.  Where are my blue m&ms?  Bruce?  Bruce I need you, Pet.  That's a good little rockstar.  Aaaaah.  Ok, I'm ready now.

About a week ago I wrote a post about buying a new cell phone and finding myself.  Unfortunately, I only got as far as the cell phone story before I got the glaring "get off the computer" eyeballs, so I never told you how I found myself.  I've got about five minutes to tell you now.  Ready?  Andddddd Your on.  I mean I'm on.  You know what I mean...

Do you remember when I was talking about that book, Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers that I had bought on sale at Borders as a joke for my daughter, and how I was conflicted because I made the mistake of reading it and was semi-convinced that either I was the narcissist or my mother was and I couldn't decide?  Well, instead of doing the sensible thing and shoving the book way, way under the bed, I kept reading it.  And that is how I found myself.

I came to a chapter on healing and it advised getting a bunch of magazines and cutting out pictures of the person you think you would be if you were not a narcissist's daughter.  I love a good arts & crafts project, so I jumped on board totally choosing to forget that a few months ago I actually snickered out loud when a 23-year-old at work started talking about her "vision board".  I know.  That wasn't very nice of me.  I'm more humble now.  And anyway, this isn't the same thing.  I'm HEALING. 

I grabbed my scissors, my glue stick, and a pile of magazines and started cutting away.  Snip, snip, glue, glue, slap, slap.  I was in the zone.  I was so focused on my healing that until I finished, I wasn't even really aware of what I was cutting and gluing.  I just went with my gut, you know?  It was, like,  so freeing. 

When I finished, I took a deep breath, said a little serenity prayer, and stepped back.  I looked at what I had made.  I looked at who I would have been if I hadn't had a narcissistic mother.  If indeed I did have a narcissistic mother. 

And I saw....

France.  No butt guts.  Photo after photo of  Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the French countryside.  Phew.

I'm NOT a narcissist's daughter or a narcissistic mother, World.

I'm a narcissistic COUNTRY.  Mona Lisa and I are tight like that.  I call her ML.  We comment on each others' blogs.  She lives at the Louvre.  Roll the rrrrrr's.  You can do eeet, ma petite chickadees.  Rollllllll the rrrrrs.  Let the rrrrrs make love on your toungue....

C'est bonne, n'est pas?

Chicken out


  1. LMAO France? Really? And here I pictures you as Greece.....or.... Capri

  2. Congrats!!!!!!! If I got the 2010, I was going to get the gray too. It's really pretty. :) (Yes, I double checked and my car really is black...)

  3. hee hee. Who knew, right? I was thinking Iowa, myself.

  4. As much as I know you through the computer, you are SO not France.

    France is a mean girl because she thinks she's all that and no one else is. You are more like Italy. Italy's passionate, beautiful, a mite crazy, delicious and welcomes all with open arms and some wine and good food. That is who you are.

    And I know, Dee does NOT mess around. That girl is like a superhero when it comes to her mazillion blogs. I'm stomping over there right now to read your interview.

    And thanks for the kind words to my commenter the other day. Sooo nice of you Italy. *Sigh*

  5. I just found you over on "say anything" and rushed here to read more of your funny words! I like how you think!!

    We named my car, a Saturn, after the Greek god Kronus. It's Greek for the planet Saturn. My kids christened it so....what could I do?

  6. Nice car, chook. Pretty. Does it stop?
    hee hee

  7. Hi SS-I thought it was funny that we had bought the same car. Don't you mean Ebony?

    Joann-aw thanks. I took a liberal pinch of poetic license. In truth, the only picture I cut out was one of Ruth Reichl (Reichel?), the editor of Gourmet. But all the photos I was attracted to were of food, landscapes and buildings, which gave me the idea for the "I'm not an asshole, I'm a country" blog, so I picked the most narcissistic country I could think of. No offense French people. When you've got it flaunt it, right? But I would much prefer to be Italy so thanks for the compliment:-)

    Katie-thanks so much for stopping by and I've also been to visit your blog. I think we are going to get along very well:-)

    GG. It stops but it don't swim:-)

  8. BigB and BigJ are kindred have to post the story of the car purchase one day. Always so happy to check out your latest posting!


  9. Hi CB . You can be sure that it involved consideration of how best to take advantage of Toyota's predictament weighed against any opportunities presented by American companies trying to hammer the nails deeper into the coffin, and also factoring in budget, GM points, car dealer personalities (the assholes and nit wits are out). This required hour upon hour of driving around to car dealerships here and in Mass, researching online, hashing out lease vs ownership agreements, and rehashing the budget. It also required muttering, complaining, snide comments about drowning cars, phone calls to every acquaintance who has leased or purchased a car in the last five years, consumption of multiple beers, swearing, and finally a decision. A little more complaining. A car in the driveway, and then FINALLY...a smile.

  10. Congrats on the new car! Looks fancy, and very chicken-like. Also, I loved reading the interview. You have such a way of wording things, that even an ADD ninja like me can concentrate on an entire blog without having to stare at something shiny or wash my hands 20 times.

  11. Aw. Thanks Ninja. You are a nice ADD Ninja:-)


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