Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Well, Why CAN'T I own a Canadian? Eh?

Bon Soir, World.

That's French you know.  In case you haven't heard, I'm France now and I have a vision board to prove it.

That's besides the point though.  What I really wanted to tell you is that S, my little chick who started the blog, gave me the link and I went and I laughed a lot.

If you want to find out about "Why Can't I Own a Canadian", you should go visit her at I know you wish your life was more like mine.  Or you could ask Google and prove her point all over again. 
Tell S that Chicken sent you.  She'll owe me one.  Maybe she'll do laundry.  I get giddy just thinking about it.

You don't have to go, of course you don't. 
But her blog made me snort hot tea out my nose.  Again.
Just sayin'
You could also take that as a warning, I suppose.

In other news, I've managed to catch a few of those cold cooties my boys have been so generous about sharing and seem to be coming down with a really nice head cold.  Or something.  I'm going to need to borrow some of Scrappy's Nyquil.  If she has any left, that is.

Has anyone been to the Cove yet?  Tell me, is it as nice as they say?  I've got to get my membership straightened out.

See you later alligator.

BTW, you know you can't really own a Canadian, right?  They are not like hamsters, people, even if they are cute and fuzzy. 

Chicken out


  1. Chicken! Hey Chicken! Chicken over here! It's me S... again! Thanks for the free kudos... glad you liked it =) The laundry's already in the washing machine... but I should mention it's my laundry, not yours. You didn't specify... Maybe next time you should google it in advance.

  2. Hey S, great blog. Sucks about the laundry, though. You probably want me to put it in the dryer. But I'm not gonna do it. That'll teach you. Ingrate.

  3. Chicken honey? Sure we haven't already been sucking down the Nyquil?

  4. Hi Betty, is this an intervention? No, Scrappy drank all her Nyquil. Selfish is what she is. This is just the result of a stuffy head. (just kidding Scrappy, btw)

  5. Chicken,
    I commented on my blog to you Before I read your blog- Seems we have a similar affliction- shooting liquid from our nostrils LOL!!
    and I promise I am not a NYQUIL Junkie. I took the gel caps :-P
    Hope ya feel better
    P.S. NQUIL gel caps are to be taken every 12 hours not every 4, I am just sayin :-)

  6. Dang! Now what I am going to do with my tribe of ill-gotten Canadians?!? (And they were keeping the house so clean!)

    I guess I'm just going to mainline NyQuil until the pain goes away.


  7. I got all excited about owning a Canadian...I figured I could probably get one mail order and it's so much cheaper with their exchange rate than buying a New Zealander....I'm really pissed I cant have one now.

    (I went to S's blog and I typed in "why is t". Yes that's right -I'm highly suggestable that way.

  8. Hi Scrappy-I got it, thanks. 12 caps every 2 hours...:-)

    CB-I suggest you leave them in the forest behind my house where they can live off the land. We can go visit them periodically. I'm sorry about the house but you do have two kids and you already sorta own them and it's all legal an everything.

    Mrs. P. I know. And they probably have a better work ethic and less of a criminal record, too. I'd be upset, too. I think I'm just going to have another kid or two. Sure, it's a pain, but they are worth their weight in gold once they get to be 11 or so.

    Note to self: When Immigration, Canadian Citizens Groups, New Zealand Pride Group, and DCYF come down on your ass Chicken, do not be surprised.

  9. And now all of my plans for installing the candians in my garden are shot to hell.

    Way to make Wednesday better for me.

    What am I going to do with all of the monopoly money I have been saving to buy them?

  10. VP-I know, and they make such nice statuary. Sorry about your Wednesday. If Monday is a whore, though, Wednesday is a tease, at the very least. Friday is coming. Friday goes all the way but is not a whore because Friday is loved and Monday is not. Does that make sense? Anyone? Newcomers, you'll have to go read Vapid Blondes post about Monday before you even have a chance of understanding any of this.

  11. Man, I wish that *I* could get such awesome Chicken shout-outs as S does.


  12. MM-I told S she should go visit your blog because it is so great. I'm sure she'll be over to visit as soon as she finishes her laundry (which is still in the washer btw) and stops cracking herself up on google.

  13. Oh Chicken! I got the nastiest cold yesterday and I am miserable. Although my 2 yr old is really doing a good job of letting me sort of rest so that is a huge bonus.

    I will go check out that stuff.

  14. CHICKENNNNN! I know we are just getting to know each other which is why it's so perfect that I have asked you to share your secret fictional character fantasies with me over at my site.

  15. Visiting from Mrs. P's blog. ROFL and I don't even know what is going on over here. Can I play too, please?


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