Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun Friday? I'm in.

Hi World,

It is Fun Friday, Follow Friday, and all those other fun "F" words. So here is one of my favorite new videos except I do not believe it is that new since Teenager Who Lives In the Basement cannot believe I've never heard of Epic Rap Battles. But whatever.

I give you...

Shakespeare vs. Dr. Seuss

Who do you think won? I can't decide. Shakespeare is fast, but the Dr. is a favorite in my house. I think Thing One & Two might have given him an edge.


  1. Dr. Seuss totally Kicked Billy's arse for my money....

  2. Shakespeare totally would have won if Lady MacBeth & Ophelia had insane cameos. Or better yet, Caliban and Ariel.

  3. Hi Shay-they both represented well, but I agree, Seuss won that one.

    DBS-I knew you would have an educated opinion on this very important question. The cameos would have been an excellent idea!

  4. You always have your pulse on the latest, the greatest, the funnest, Chicken.

    Chalupa would say SEUSS!

  5. Hahahahahahaha! I've never seen this before. I think I like Cute Win Fail better, but my husband may freaking love this.

  6. I've got to go with Shay. the Doc rocked the house on this one. Although, Chicken, seeing that you wrote this last Friday, the birthday of The Almighty Boss, I would say that Bruce would smoke either of these two in a rap -off. In my opinion

  7. seuss! and i'm going throw in shel silverstein as the next rapping contender.

  8. OMG! I LOVE these battles! Seuss for the win!

  9. @Chalupa, and that is why I love you so!

    @Ashes-there are many more-just google epic rock battles. But this is my favorite

    @Not that Kendall-me too!

    @punker-I miss you. Sorry I haven't been around and will visit soon.

    @anonymous. Happy Birthday to the Boss and to you. I'm sure you could both give these two some healthy competition


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