Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chicken Comments on the Closing Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics

Hi World:

Did anyone else forget their pre-Olympics closing ceremonies LSD hit tonight?

Because.  Wow!

Dancing Mounties, a live hockey puck, Canadian hockey players, Michael Buble, ladies in maple leafs.....and that even all kinda makes sense.  Except in the Chicken household there is a question as to whether the Mounties were actually Mounties or paid Mountie impersonators.  B says that no way were they real mounties because real mounties would not be caught dead dancing around on ice.  Because mounties are real men.  Chicken thinks they were bad enough dancers that they probably had day jobs.  Possibly as mounties. 

But then add in people in canoes, huge helium beavers, and huge other helium animal-type characters with wings and fish lips.  What were those?

On the positive side. Neil Young was a classy, nostalgic start to the show.  The song title strikes a chord much as an Irish blessing might.  "Long may you run, Long may you run, Although these changes have come, with your chrome heart shining in the sun, long may you run...."

It was very nice even if the song is about a car. 

And Michael J. Fox.  Who doesn't love him?  Long may he run.

If anyone knows what the flyingfish lip balloons were supposed to be please fill me in.

Good night,


  1. IMHO: Our northern "ice-hole" friends really laid an egg in terms of hosting. Between killing an Olympian the day the Olympiad opened, to not having their act together for the opening ceremonies, to shutting out competitor practice time in the weeks and months before the these lame closing ceremonies; I think (despite the juggernaut medal count by the USA) Vancouver had to be by far the most disappointing hosts ever.

  2. Oh no, Anonymous, I was not saying that. I did not see enough of the games to know. I was just saying that the closing ceremonies were somewhat of an ADHD festival.

  3. As it finished then?

    Right. On with the serious sport. The World Cup is nearly upon us where England will be tipped to win it whilst failing miserably and sending England into mass depression!

    Still, there's always the female Brazilian supporters to admire!!!

  4. What happens when England falls into mass depression? Wait. Don't answer that. Rock on England.

  5. That was a moose. Those were not wings. Those were antlers.

  6. Anonymous, Thank You. It was on my mind today and now I know.

  7. I thought the closing ceremonies were a fabulous show of Canadian stereo-types...I couldn't stop laughing.


  8. I loved that the mounties danced. I couldn't stop laughing, either. The moose put me over the edge (of course I didn't know they were moose at the time)

  9. 4D: good luck England. I see one of the first match-ups for Group C is against US, which from all accounts sounds like it won't be the cakewalk that a match against the US used to be. I still can't figure out why soccer doesn't have more fans in the US - nobody parties like international soccer fans! Should be right up our (the US's) alley!


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