Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pearl's Got Her Own Page, Damn Straight

Hey Y'all,

Look what Chicken got me for my birthday!  My own damn page.  No more talkin' through the Chicken, uh uh, from now on we'll be talking direct.  It's gonna be fun.  Maybe I'll even tell you some old stories what my Granny Lafleur told me back when she was livin'. 

Hallelujah it feels good to have a voice a my own. 

If you don't know ol' Pearl, it must be because you missed Chicken's post:

Pearl is introduced

And the follow up:

In which Chicken starts talking to herself

On my page I'll be giving you some useful insight what you might use in your job or personal life, posting some "Pearls of Wisdom", and who knows what else Pearl might do.

You can write me, too.  Might have to do it through Chicken's page; I'm not sure 'til I get me a young stud-muffin intern to tell me what's what with all this computery stuff, but you have a line to Pearl, Hon, so let me know what's on your mind and how I can help.  Pearl's here for you, Baby.  Talk to me.

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