Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Great Equalizer

Hi World.

I was in the grocery store tonight and the Enquirer caught my eye.  On its cover were several unflattering photographs of female "superstars" in their bathing suits with the caption, "Worst Bodies". 


At first I thought, "that's pretty awful, taking a picture of someone in their bathing suit without their permission and publishing it for all the world to see." 

Isn't it?

But then I thought about all the magazines that feature some of the same celebrities, not to mention numerous beautiful models, all airbrushed and looking like the unattainable version (for many of us anyway) of what is marketed as "normal".

And I thought maybe the Enquirer is doing us normal women a great service in featuring the true "normal".  Maybe the Enquirer is the great Equalizer.

Except for the fact that I have yet to see a version of the worst male bodies.  I guess everyone just accepts that men's bodies change as they get older.  Unlike their minds.

Okay, I know that was snarky.  Sorry, men.  Just kidding.  And a little bitter. 

Bitter enough to drive the point home.

Ah youth, pass the bottle (Hemingway?)

Goodnight youngsters,


  1. I saw that! Where did I see it?!! On some blog or other!

    The bird in't middle had thighs that could crush a walnut!!!


    Mens minds?

    We are 16 at best on a good day.

    Elvis ended up a sad fat old fart.

    Much like most of us men will...;-)

  2. But not you 4DX. You'll be 16 and fabulous forever:-)

  3. Nice post Chickie. I too, secretly love the kid I would blow my allowance on the Enquirer...much to my mother's chagrin. It was my "window on the world" allowing me to travel to tinsel town and the big apple while never leaving my dirt road prison.


  4. CB -I didn't have to buy it. My Grandmothre subscribed and I would spend whole weekends eathing oranges and catching up on shark attacks, alien invasions, and twins separated at birth only to end up dying in the same hospital room together 90 years later....and I believed every word, too.


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